4400 Gread and HTAT Related Issue Babate Rajysangh Latter

4200 Gread and HTAT Related Issue: This issue regarding the issue of 200-grade pay and HTR’s RR issues not being resolved, to inform about the above issue that the issue of 5% grade pay touching more than 2000 primary teachers of the state and HTAT Repeated representations have been made to Sahebshree and face-to-face discussions have taken place. All latest news and articles are stored on our website.

Amo has written a letter on 15-10-2050 informing that if the above two issues are not resolved by 30-11-2030, then as per the resolution in the executive of the State Union, the taluka/district, and At the state level, G.R.A.P.S.Singh will give an agitational program. In that connection, a meeting was held with Mr. Aap Saheb and Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitinbhai Patel Saheb

4400 Gread and HTAT Related Issue

Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union MING ‘Chanakya’ GUPRA Educational Research Center, Sector-12, Gandhinagar, Phone: 07-9 Satishbhai Patel Digvijay Singh Jadeja General Secretary LV | 1, Swaminarayan Society, Bungalow No. 3, Plot No. 3, Pragati Park, At. Byd, Dist. Aravalli, Near Dijam Circle, Jamnagar Mo. 3 303, 320 B4050 Mo. 3rd April, 4th (Peer in tet of Shikav and Paschim Mana Ksha 31, No. 9p to Mav) Dt. 3/12/2070 Copy, Hon’ble Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama Saheb Minister of Education. Subject: – Hon’ble Sahebshree, Jayabharat Saha regarding the above

4400 gread and htat related issue
4400 Gread and HTAT Related Issue

n his office on 5-12-2050. Officers were also present and discussions were held. At the end of the discussion, Mr. Aheb said that we will hold another meeting and take a final decision. Re is requested. Despite being asked to resolve the above issues for a long time, the delay in taking a decision on this matter has led to dissatisfaction among the teachers so that we are forced to give the following agitation program in the way of Gandhi Chindya.

– 2 – 3 On 16th and 17th December 2020, all the primary teachers of the state will wear black bands and perform their duty in the school. • On 20th, 16th and 17th December, one day out of three, about 50 teachers at the district level will hold a symbolic picket. • Until the circular of 300-grade pay is issued from 15th December 2020 till 20 teachers from different districts will hold a picket at “Chanakya Bhavan”, S-17, Gandhinagar every day. 4200 Gread and HTAT

To resolve the issue of 500-grade pay which touches thousands of teachers in the state by December 15, 2020, and HTAT (a cadre of headteachers has been in force since 2012, they are deprived of benefits due to various discrepancies such as pay scale, UP standard transfer). So, we request you to make a quick decision on determining their RR. 4200 Gread and HTAT

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