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Are You Bothered by Torn-old Notes? So Get a New Currency Note at This Place

Are You Bothered by Torn-old Notes: According to RBI guidelines, all genuine notes that are not in circulation in the market will be taken and destroyed. In return, a new note of the same value will be launched.

Can replace old notes

How often do we get a torn or old note. Which ordinary people or shopkeepers refuse to take. People are worried about what to do with this note. People are afraid that their money will sink somewhere, right? We have the solution to your problem. We’ll let you know where you can exchange these notes.

RBI guidelines

The RBI had issued guidelines in 2018 on torn notes. On the one hand, the RBI had banned the writing of notes on pens and on the other hand, it had delayed the exchange. If you have such a note, you can change it now.

New notes will be found in place of torn notes

According to RBI guidelines, if you have a torn note, you are given new notes as per its condition. Often the condition of the note is very bad, then RBI gives half the price and keeps the old note and gives the new note. For this you have to go to some special bank branches or any office of RBI, but you will benefit from it. Because in exchange for torn notes, you will get new 200, 500 or 2000 notes. The RBI has also made some rules in this regard.

Get a new note right away

If you have 20 notes or torn and old notes up to Rs.5000, which are not in circulation in the market. So you will get instant cash from any RBI office in return. You do not have to pay any charges for this. Yes, if you have more than 20 notes or more than 5000 rupees notes, the bank or RBI branch will take all the notes from you and then, the money will be transferred directly to your account as per the guidelines. Are You Bothered

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If you have more than 50 thousand old torn notes, it will take some time. The bank will also charge for exchanging as many notes as possible. However, this money will also go directly into your account. All such genuine notes as per RBI guidelines, which are not in a position to run in the market. They will be captured and destroyed. In return, new notes of the same value will be introduced in the market. Are You Bothered

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