Atal Sneh Yojana

It is said that if you grow plants you get shade, fruit and protection. In today’s language this applies equally to the subject of human and environment. Because both have been destroyed. The trees are falling and so are the women. Bane has the power to create a new world. But in destroying it, man is calling himself modern. Man has become so modern that he has not hit the ax on the foot but is hitting the foot on the ax. Both women and trees are falling from this earth.

Atal sneh yojana
general information about Atal Sneh Yojana

Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. The baby is the seed that becomes the banyan tree over time. Today, the time has come for the common man to think twice about giving birth to more than two children. Because inflation, mentality, social status has become such that even a child can barely handle it. Many people today cannot even provide the necessary facilities to the mother or the child at the time of birth. Gujarat government has started ‘Sneh’ scheme for such people. Let us know about this “affection”.

What is Atal Sneha Yojana?

The affection plan is no ordinary plan. The scheme was implemented on 25/12/2016 for the care of newborns. Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani started this scheme. The original name of the scheme was Screening of Newborn for Enhancement of Health but from its first letters the scheme was named ‘Sneh’. The scheme was launched on the birthday of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, hence the scheme became known as Atal Sneh Yojana. Often people also call it affection plan. But both have the same plan.

When this scheme was implemented, Chief Minister Shri Rupani gave information about this scheme on the occasion of Lokaparna of the medical examination program of about one and a half crore children studying in Gujarat state schools. Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai in his speech said that the state government is running a scheme like Vatsalyam Amrutam for school going children and adults. Sensitive to the health of all the people of Gujarat. At the same time he said that the proposed Atal SNEH scheme is designed to take care of newborns. It will be implemented as ‘Tapasya’. The scheme will be implemented by our state doctors as well as women health workers, Asha workers, national child health teams and others.

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In this new scheme Mr. Vijaybhai will take care of neural tube defects, cleft lifts and pellets, clubbed feet, congenital cataracts, congenital deafness, congenital heart diseases, premature retinopathy, Down syndrome and other defects and diseases. The scheme will be followed regularly in government or private maternity homes and by medical officers and health workers. In severe cases will be sent to the nearest medical center on an immediate basis. He said that the well-being of children is essential for future generations, the health of society and a strong nation.

CM Shri Rupani said that the state government would soon announce a new health policy, which would focus on training super specialty doctors and doubling the seats in modern Medicare and medical colleges in remote areas. He said the government was working for affordable medicine, especially for the lower and middle income groups in remote areas. The scheme gave green signal to 25 new ambulances connected to Grameen Mobile Healthcare Service.

Brief and general information about Atal Sneh Yojana

Take a look at the details of the scheme and the information of the dignitaries associated with it.

Name of the scheme – Atal Sneh Yojana
Launching Date – 25th December 2016
Beginning – Started by Mr. Vijay Rupani.
State – State of Gujarat
Beneficiary – Better for the health of the child. Objective – To protect the child from congenital defects
Medical tests – 30,000 schools (approximately) 4 lakh tests conducted by medical experts Number of children – 1.5 crore
Department of Health – State Medical Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Women Health Workers, National Child Health (RSB) and Accredited Social Health Workers (ASHA)

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Benefits of Atal Sneh Yojana

Following are the announcements made by the Gujarat State Government under Atal Sneh Yojana to provide the following benefits to the child after his birth!

✓ Government air ambulance service comes under this scheme. Therefore, those women can be easily taken to the hospital at the time of delivery.

✓ Screening is done at the time of delivery so that there is no defect in the newborn baby. Today screening has been made mandatory in government as well as private hospitals.
✓ Female health workers, National Child Health Program (RSBK), and accredited social health workers (ASHA) are helpful for screening to check for defects if they are not delivered to a medical institution.

✓ Good health can be provided to children through this scheme. Better health Malnutrition, disorders and diseases can be avoided.

✓ Every year about seven percent of newborns suffer from certain disorders and this causes serious problems in the international arena. Therefore, by preventing such a problem, the country can be in a better position in the international health conferences.
✓ Through such schemes the government is creating a strong youth generation and this youth generation will make a strong nation. In a way, this plan is the foundation of a strong nation to come.

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Planning for Atal Sneh Yojana

Infrastructure to the health department

Many schemes like Atal Sneha are made by the government. It also tries to implement it as much as possible. But unless there is solid planning and infrastructure for it, the effect is not visible. Even better care and treatment in Atal Sneh Yojana is possible only when the infrastructure of health care is proper and well equipped. For health there should always be doctors and their services available and at the same time the necessary equipment for doctors should also be available. That is why an air ambulance is planned so that patients can be rushed to a medical place in a short time.

Thus, patients, including newborns, will not die on the way to the hospital. Traffic problems are common in every city and many patients die on the road due to traffic problems. Therefore, many people’s lives can be saved without being affected by the problem of air ambulance traffic.

The government is also planning to double the number of medical colleges. So that people have a better chance of getting their treatment and at the same time more doctors can be made available in a particular region.

To make the implementation of better infrastructure and plan a better success, the government launched 25 ambulances in the state. It changes from time to time as needed.


The benefits of Atal Sneh Yojana are given in this scheme up to the facility of air ambulance for examination of newborns, removal of any defect found in the child and immediate delivery to the health center. Child screening has been made mandatory which is very helpful for the child’s health.

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