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Bin sachivalay Clerck Exam Dates Related latest news

Bin sachivalay Clerck Exam: Recruitment of non-secretariat clerk two and a half years ago was delayed. The Secondary Service Selection Board announced the examination dates to complete the new recruitment. These examinations were canceled last year due to Gandhinagar.

GSSSB Bin Sachivalay Clerk Call Letter 2022

The Secondary Service Selection Board has now announced to hold examinations in New Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar to complete the recruitment in New Ahmedabad, leaving the remaining non-technical class-3 examinations of these three recruitment advertisements announced two years ago at the beginning of February.


Paper leakage, dates announced. Disappointed by the Secretariat Clerk and Office Service Selection Board, which is in controversy due to non-affiliation, filled in the form in its website assistant. Is widespread. 2000 has been registered.

Bin sachivalay Clerck
Bin sachivalay Clerck
Bin sachivalay Clerck
Bin sachivalay Clerck

The recruitment of non-secretariat clerks and technical assistants, civil and office assistants announced in the year 2014-15 was announced before the recruitment of additional assistants in the electrical category. It was provided in the year 2012. Whose exam was paperleaked. Now it was to be held by the congregations in March 2020. If new dates are not announced, millions of young candidates are outraged by the global epidemic of

Bin sachivalay Clerck Exam Dates

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