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Bird unit assistance

Bird unit assistance
(25 RIR)

Our country India was a country based on agriculture and animal husbandry but today people are becoming alienated from agriculture and animal husbandry. This is why milk and other milk products are being mixed. That is why the government now has to make an effort to get people to do farming and animal husbandry. However, in the business of farming and animal husbandry, people are fleeing to the cities as hard work is likely to be a loss. That is why the government now has to come up with different schemes and campaign to cultivate and awaken the people. In which many schemes and plans are being done by the government today. A number of schemes have been implemented for farmers and pastoralists. In which the government helps to help the people who are raising animals, to buy animals, to take care of them. Today we will get information about one such scheme called Bird Unit Assistance! Let us know how you too can avail the benefits of this scheme.

The purpose of the bird unit assistance

Provide supplementary employment to Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes as well as economically weaker sections.

Eligibility to receive bird unit assistance

Available to Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes as well as Economically Weaker Classes.

Benefit of Bird Unit Assistance Scheme

5000 / – per unit price or 500 / – with the help of bird unit and poultry feed (3 RIR bird and poultry feed in commodity form)

Evidence needed to get bird unit assistance

Certificate of caste / Certificate of income.
Poultry Training Certificate
Copy of Barcoded Ration Card
Passport size photo
Copy of Aadhaar card
Guarantee form

Bird Unit Assistance Scheme Application Method

• Apply face to face at Intimate Poultry Development Component, District Poultry Extension Center.

Organization of implementation

* Intimate Poultry Development Component, District Poultry Extension Center

Other conditions

Benefit can be given to one member of a family. The same family can be rehabilitated after three years.
The beneficiary should have received training in poultry farming.
Beneficiaries under this scheme will have to be given improved breeds of birds and food of 4 RIRs reared for 6 to 8 weeks.
For night protection, the beneficiary should bring a bamboo basket and food and water equipment.
R.I.R. The bird unit will have to be maintained for 3 years under normal circumstances.
The birds of the unit should be vaccinated on time.

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