BOMBAY PRAIMARY ACT 1947 PDF DOWNLOAD :The draft bill of the Prevention of Social Exclusion and Protection Act, 2015 was uploaded on the state government website on Thursday. It had been in the works for the last two years.

The bill comes 53 years after the Bombay Prevention Act, 1949 of the boycott Act was repealed by the Supreme Court. The current bill is not much different from the previous bill.

This draft is against the expulsion of any person on the basis of religion, caste or sub-caste. It mentions that no community can deprive any person of property rights, worship and rituals at religious places.

Violators can face up to seven years in prison or five lakh rupees or both. A person who accompanies the main culprit in such a crime can also be imprisoned for three years or fined Rs 3 lakh or both. The trial chargesheet of such cases has to be completed within six months of filing.

However, those who welcomed the bill from the beginning have also mentioned some of its shortcomings. People think that the shortcomings in the draft can be used against it once it becomes law.

Rama Sarode, one of the lawyers who submitted the sample draft to the government, said, “According to this draft, the offender can get bail. It should be made non-bailable, so as not to affect the seriousness of the crime and its consequences.


“It needs to be strengthened by adding the word ‘restricted’ to the bill and when an authority fails to take action, the problem needs to be addressed,” he said.

The fifth section of the draft bill mentions’ prohibition ‘in one place, but it should be included in the title in the proposed act.’ However, despite these shortcomings, Rama and her husband Asim Sarode welcome the bill, as they believe that a better step is being taken in the right direction.