Breaking traffic rules is expensive Get going to enforce this procedure along with the penalty

Breaking traffic rules: A working group of IRDAI has recommended the introduction of Traffic Violation Premium in motor insurance premium with on damage, third party compensation and other types of insurance premium. Under which people violating traffic rules will have to pay higher premium for their vehicle insurance.

Bad driving will be heavy
Need to follow traffic rules
There will be a change in the insurance policyRecommendation to add a fifth section
IRDAI’s working group has recommended adding a fifth section for it in motor insurance.

The IRDAI group said that in addition to motor self-loss, original third party insurance and personal accident insurance premiums, Traffic Violation Premium is also included in the motor insurance.

Suggestions sought by February 1, 2021
This working group of IRDAI has sought necessary suggestions from the concerned parties on these recommendations made in the draft till February 1, 2021. The draft states that the frequency and severity of traffic violations should be explained to the public.

Penalties will be determined on the basis of points
The person in whose name the traffic violation premium vehicle is registered will take full responsibility. There will be a 100 point penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol. When parking in the wrong place will take a 10 point penalty. The amount of premium will be linked to this penalty point. Breaking traffic rules

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