Caller Name Announcer – Android App Download

Caller Name Announcer is an Android application that announces incoming caller name, SMS sender name, SMS content, call on alert, call flash on the call screen, etc.

The speaker announces everything. When someone calls you or sends you a message, you recognize it by looking at your smartphone.

If you saved the name in the contact list, declare the name of the caller name speaker application. If the number is not saved in your contact list, it will announce that an unknown number is calling you. This ID ID announcer and SMS content advertiser app is the best choice for Android when you are working, driving or doing other things. To put your phone in a hands-free mode. Caller Name Announcer

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The caller name announcer and SMS Toker uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to speak the “incoming” caller name or the name of the sender of the SMS and the content of the SMS.

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