Standard 12 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEO: The history of education in India is very old. The sages composed the Vedas to convey their knowledge to the people. Veda 4 is – Samaveda, Atharvaveda, Yadurveda, Rigveda. In Buddhism, women and Shudras were also taught. By 1850, Gurukul education was going on in India. English education started … Read more


Standard 10 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEO: Home is the first place to receive education and parents are the first teachers in everyone’s life. We get our first lessons of education in our childhood especially from our mother. Our parents tell us the importance of education in life. When we turn 3 or 4 years old, … Read more


Standard 9 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEO 2020,Standard 9 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEO:Education is a very important tool for everyone to achieve success in life and to do something different. It helps us to face challenges in difficult times of life. Home Learning video ધોરણ-9 વિજ્ઞાન9-2-22 https://youtu.be/K_NL3E1eujE ધોરણ-9 વિજ્ઞાન https://youtu.be/BkfgXb41m_U s to get better chances in … Read more


Standard 8 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEO:If the surrounding environment is clean and who does not like it, then every corner is clean and clean everywhere, such a place is pleasing to everyone and in this there is a huge contribution of the Municipal Corporation and the sanitation workers, they give their full contribution. But in … Read more

Standard 7 Home Learning All Videos : Std 7 Homework

Standard 7 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEO: Because of this corona situation, all the studies from nursery to graduation has become online. Even if you are not the guardian of the student, it is interesting to see how effective online education is for the student. You can see how the world of education and teaching is … Read more

Standard 6 HOME LEARNING Videos With Home Work

Standard 6 HOME LEARNING ,Standard 6 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEO & Home work: So As per my belief, You already know what home learning videos are. Sometimes its hard to find standard wise home learning videos. So here in this post we have listed all the std 6 home learning videos with homework. The official … Read more

Standard 5 HOME LEARNING Videos & Home Work 2021

Standard 5 HOME LEARNING Videos & Home work: Home learning became essential in this time of pandemic. Because of this lockdown and curfew from corona virus, students are forced to stay at home and learn online. We didn’t have better system before but this is digital era and distance learning is part of it. So … Read more

GSEB STD 4 Home Learning Videos & Homework : www.ssagujarat.org

GSEB STD 4 Home Learning Videos & Homework : www.ssagujarat.org: So if your kid is studying in gujarat board gseb then you must have heard about home learning videos. SSA Gujarat is making the home learning videos based on the syllabus prepared by gseb. In this post you will find all the gujarat board home … Read more

Standard 3 Home Learning Videos & Homework From www.ssagujarat.org

GSEB STD 3 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEO FOR STUDENT : Standard 3 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEOS. Home learning and virtual classes made the student’s life easier in this pandemic situation. This videos are quite interesting to watch even for the parents because it is made in such a way that your kid will enjoy it. … Read more

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