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Gitaben Rabari Latest Song “Dev Dwarika Wala”

The holy pilgrimage Dwarka legend in Gujarat has a similar history. It is said that this Dwarka city was established by Lord Krishna 200 to 2000 years ago. As mentioned in the Mahabharata, Dwarka was submerged in the sea. Gitaben Rabari Latest Song “Dev Dwarika Wala” Geeta Rabari is a Gujarati singer. Geeta Rabari was … Read more

Standard 5 HOME LEARNING Videos & Home Work 2021

Standard 5 HOME LEARNING Videos & Home work: Home learning became essential in this time of pandemic. Because of this lockdown and curfew from corona virus, students are forced to stay at home and learn online. We didn’t have better system before but this is digital era and distance learning is part of it. So … Read more

Std / Dhoran 2 Home Learning Videos @

GSEB STD 2 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEO FOR STUDENT : Standard 2 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEOS and homework. Std 2 or dhoran 2 is the year when Kid actually enjoys school because he is used to going to the school everyday and he may have made some friends and know all the other students. In … Read more

Mayabhai Ahir Dayra Collection Full HD videos In One place

Mayabhai Ahir Dayra Collection is also most popular in Gujarat and all world. Mayabhai Ahir is a well-known name in the field of folklore. Mayabhai is very popular among Gujaratis now because of his humorous voice which is immersed in humor. Top celebrities have a strong ability to sit in the ranks of well-known folklorists … Read more