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Acharya Chanakya is called Kautilya, Vishnu Gupta and Vatsayana. His life is very difficult and full of mysteries. Let’s know the short story of his life.

A simple Brahmin Acharya Chanak lived in the border town of Magadha. Chanak was dissatisfied with the king of Magatha. Chanak wanted to somehow save the state from foreign invaders by reaching the rank of Mahamatya. For this, after consulting his friend Amatya Shaktar, he planned to overthrow Dhananand.

But Mahamatya Rakshasa and Katyayan came to know about this conspiracy through the detective. He informed about this conspiracy to Magatha Emperor Ghananand. Chanak was taken prisoner and news spread across the state that a Brahmin would be killed for the crime of sedition. When Chanak’s teenage son Kautilya came to know about this, he became worried and sad. The severed head of Chanak was hung at the crossroads of the capital. Tears were dripping from Kautilya’s (Chanakya) eyes seeing his father’s severed head. Chanakya was 14 years old at that time. In the dark of night, he slowly lowered his father’s head hanging on the bamboo and wrapped it in a cloth and left.

Chanakya – Watch all episodes

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The son alone cremated the father. Then Kautilya took the water of the Ganges in his hand and took an oath – ‘O Gange, I will not eat anything cooked until I take vengeance for the murder of my father from the killer Dhananand. I will keep this crest open till I dye my hair with Mahamatya’s blood. My father’s tarpan will be complete only until the blood of the murderer Dhananand does not rise on the father’s ashes. O Yamraj! You delete Dhananand’s name from your account. I will write the account of his death now.’