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The full form of LTC (LTC) is “Leave Travel Concession”, it is pronounced “Leave Travel Concession” in Hindi. And in Hindi it means “Leave Travel Concession”. The LTC facility was introduced by the Government of India in 1956, which has been regulated by orders issued from time to time. In 1988, all these orders were implemented as Central Civil Services (LTC) Rules, 1988.

LTC rules change from time to time, the details of which are as follows –
Home Town LTC (LTC)
LTC Home Town which can be taken for the distance traveled between the Headquarters and the Employee’s Home Town, which can be ruled only once in a block of two calendar years. For example – 1986-87, 1988-89 etc.

LTC anywhere in the country (India)
LTC will be accepted at any location in India in blocks of four calendar years, for example 1986- 89, 1990-93 and similarly, irrespective of the distance of travel from the Headquarters of the Government of India.

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Any place in India LTC
Any place in India will be required to visit LTC at the place issued and declared at home town, without this LTC claim cannot be considered.
Under these rules, if the proposal to go to any place in India is taken by a government employee or any member of the family of such government employee, then in such a situation, the government’s controlling officer should travel It will be necessary to declare information in advance.
If such changes are not announced at the declared place of travel before the commencement of the journey, the head of the department will need to be approved in such a situation.
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