Cornona new vaccene lonched now no death in future time

Cornona new vaccene lonched :,the whole country and the world are fighting against Corona. Russia has had great success with the corona vacci2ne. Russian President Vladimir Putin said the country has registered for the use of the corona vaccine and his daughter has been vaccinated.
Then, with this news, a wave of happiness has returned to the country and the world.Cornona new vaccene lonched ,Now the general public is debating when to get the vaccine. Medical officials, teachers, and other high-risk individuals will be vaccinated first, Russian officials said.
The general public will then be vaccinated. Corona’s new vaccine launched now no death in future time.
Cornona new vacsine lonched now no death in future time
Corona new vaccine launched now no death in future time
According to the news agency AP, at a meeting of government officials on Tuesday, Putin said that the result during the vaccine test was good, which protects against the coronavirus. Putin stressed that the vaccine has passed the necessary tests. One of his two daughters has been vaccinated and is doing well, he said.
“The vaccine strengthens the immune system, and I want to say again that it has passed all safety measures,” Putin said. Notably, a number of scientists have claimed that Russia is in a hurry to get the vaccine.