Demand for abolition of new pension scheme

Demand for abolition of new pension scheme: The experience of the teachers of this subject is also not taken into consideration in this regard. We have been involved with the Additional Director of GCERT, so his suggestions also became important in the speech.

Given. This is a very important point ….. The limitations of some of the research done so far have been accepted by a few people, i.e. experts, who came together and accepted it instinctively and also prepared its textbook. In the coming year not only involvement but also teachers will be involved in this operation.

This is done perfectly – at the primary level. Moreover, the importance of their views is open, analytical, liberal and positive approach and necessary changes are also made based on that. E.g. Saw in his speech and performance.

This approach is seen in one of the research led by the class that currently uses the regional dialect in most teachers in the classrooms of the district education training building that has found the educational achievement of the altered children of primary education. Significantly higher

The witness is complete. Such an environment of education std. In can be seen at the new entry level. 1 and 2 are based on all these findings and it is written in the textbook of the textbook that stress will be learned without enjoyable learning, and you can come a year and change the content accordingly. E.g. Thank you: Gujaratmitra (17 – ll. “99) Os Ruro.

Demand for abolition

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