Digital Gujarat Pre-Matric Scholarship School Proposal :

How to do the online process for pre-matric scholarship and ganvesh sahay yojana in digital gujart portal ?

Lots of people and teachers are not yet familiar with the process about the prematric scholarship and ganvesh sahay yojana in digital gujarat portal. I have included every little detail with the post here.

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Pre matric scholarship & Ganvesh sahay yojana online entry process

You will need the user name and password of digital gujarat portal. This username and password was given to the school earlier. If you do not remember the password then you can simply click on forget password button and set a new password for your school from

How to process prematric shishyavrutti and ganvesh sahay yojana by school ?

So the instruction was given by the portal to all the school. you can also find the instruction in the portal but you have to dig a little deeper in the

I have included the whole proposal here in case you couldn’t find it. Use this step by step guide and will be able to do the online entry in the portal.

  1. First of all open digital gujarat by : Digital Gujarat.
  2. Now click on the login button which is located on upper right corner.
  3. digital gujarat portal
  4. Now you will see the login page. Click on School Login / Institution login option which is the last option.
  5. Digital Gujarat school login
  6. Now login here using the given username and password to the school.
  7. If you are login for the first time then Dice code of the school will be the username and password is already posted to the school via digital gujarat.
  8. Now you have to select the year as 2021-22 in the next page. If you click on any other year then you can check the processes you have done in the past years.
  9. digital gujarat year selection
  10. Now you have to do student entries in the next process. To do the student entry move your cursor to the Student register option.
  11. Then click on student entry option. Refer below given screenshot taken from portal.
  12. student entry
  13. We advise you to fill up all the compulsory and non compulsory details to the portal because in the next year you won’t need to enter the details again.
  14. Also don’t forget to enter the aadhar card details of the student. It is compulsory to add the aadhar details of the student studying in std 9 and std 10.
  15. Enter other necessary details like, bank account number, name of the bank, branch of the bank, IFSC Code of the account and branch etc.
  16. The amount of the scholarship will be directly deposited into the students bank account. If the details you have entered is wrong then the amount won’t be credited.

Important : Must cross check that students account is not dormant before entering the details into the digitalgujarat portal because as a student they probably not doing the transactions and purchases in their accounts. If the account has became dormant then ask the student to submit the KYC to the branch and their account will be reactivated again.

All the entries done in the previous year is already updated with 1 standard up so school won’t have to go through the same boring entry process again. If any student has left the school or cancelled the admission then school has to delete their entry this year.

All the students who have received their scholarship and ganvesh sahay yojana previous year, their proposal will be made instantly but the student whos scholarship process was failed last year, school have to update their entries this year with proper and correct details.

It is compulsory to enter and verify the aadhar details of standard 9th and 10th. For that school has to open the entry of the student and update the aadhar details by clicking on Verify aadhar option. If the aadhar status of student is showing yes then their aadhar details has been successfully verified.

How to view Student entries in digital gujarat portal ?

To view all the student entries school have to login to the portal.

  • Once you are login to the website, move your cursor to the Student entery option.
  • From there click on Print Students Register option.
  • student entries register
  • That’s it.

Once all the entries is done, the next process is to register for the scheme or apply for the scheme. There are total 2 schemes available right now. The first one is pre matric scholarship or shishyavrutti and the second one is ganvesh sahay yoajan ?

How to register for pre matric scholarship and ganvesh sahay scheme ?

To register for the scheme login to the portal again.

  • After login into digital gujarat, again move your curser on student register option.
  • This time click on Scheme registration.
  • Now you will see the list of the schemes in which the students are eligible to register.
  • Now click on create proposal option.
  • Now select all the student from here and click on “Add to proposal from the grid” option.
  • Now complete the further step and all the student’s proposal will be creates successfully.

For any kind of queries you can contact the team by the contact us page.

The digital gujarat portal is easy to use and you should make yourself familiar with it if you are student or teacher.