Diwali vacation date declared – news report

Diwali vacation date declared – news report :in the schools of the state, the days of VACATION DAYS are about to increase soon. A few years ago, from Dussehra to Download Diwali (DUSSEHRA TO DIWALI), 24 days of vacation (24 DAYS VACATION) used to take place simultaneously, now there will be holidays in schools.

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MLAs in Madhya Pradesh Download Assembly (VIDHANSABHA) have also given their initial approval on this. Further work will be done on the leave process after taking votes from the School Education Department (SCHOOL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT). Chances are that the 24-day holiday will now be in schools. UPDATE: The proposal was unanimously approved in the Assembly on Tuesday.

Diwali vacation date declared – news report


MLA Sanjay Yadav hadDownload  download proposed
In an unofficial resolution, Bargi MLA Sanjay Yadav put this proposal in the assembly, in which he said that the involvement of people in our society is decreasing. The future generation is moving away from the festivals that we have.

Studying has become like a burden,Download due to which children are not able to enjoy the festivals properly with a few days off. In many ways this is not true and needs to change as it grows. Download  Such a change can improve the engagement of children. Vacation days should not affect the studies of children, the academic calendar can be prepared in this style. This proposal was accepted by the House.Download

After the proposal is accepted by the House, the school education department will take its opinion on it and extend it towards the final decision. Significantly, there is a 3-day holiday in schools during Dussehra.Download

Similarly, there is a 5-day holiday during Diwali. There is a calendar of three days holiday and similar holidays during Holi.Download



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There will be no exams immediately after the festive holidayDownload
Apart from extending the holiday in Diwali, Dussehra, it has also been proposed that no examination should be held immediately after a festival like Holi. After Holi, children should have at least a week to prepare the paper. This will not only reduce the mental stress, but also the results can be better in the future.Download

The MLAs also believe in such a proposal that Download if the Madhya Pradesh government accepts it, a similar vacation system can be implemented in CBSE, which will be beneficial for students across the country. There are various arguments regarding extending the vacation period.

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