Does Your Day Even Start With a Sip of Tea? So You Need to Know the Rules of Drinking

It is winter season. In it, people prefer to drink more tea. However, some people prefer tea in every season. Whenever you feel tired or have a mild headache again. People feel relieved by drinking tea. Whether you are at home or in the office, drinking tea lasts from morning to evening, but did you know that the mistake that can often be made while drinking tea can be detrimental to your health? So let’s find out.

Do not drink immediately after a meal

Some people have a habit of drinking tea immediately after a meal, but this is not good for health.

This is because drinking tea after a meal does not allow the body to absorb the nutrients it receives. This can lead to many problems. So drink tea at least an hour after a meal.

Avoid over-boiling

People overcook tea. Behind it all, they believe, the taste of their tea increases, but it should not be boiled too much. This can lead to acidity problems. Avoid it.

Dangerous to drink tea on an empty stomach

Often, people drink tea first thing in the morning, but drinking tea on an empty stomach in the morning is very dangerous for health. This can increase the risk of acidity. It can also increase the risk of cancer. It is best to drink water first thing in the morning and then tea.

Not at all before bed

Some people prefer to drink tea. This is the reason why people drink tea even before going to bed at night. This can be dangerous to health. Tea actually contains caffeine. This can lead to insomnia.