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Download MCQ: Utility of education psychology In the present era, the ancient concept of education has changed. Education does not only mean giving information to children. Rather, all-round development of the child is to be done.

And this is possible only if the teacher has complete knowledge about the child. Education psychology helps the teacher to understand the child. Because education and learning problems are studied in education psychology.The need for education psychology for the teacher can be explained as follows.


1. Selection and arrangement of materials
The teacher’s job is to impart new knowledge and training to the student. Several methods have to be adopted to impart knowledge at the symbol level. Education psychology gives the teacher knowledge of proper selection and arrangement of teaching material.

2. Guidance of learning process Way of learning process-
The teacher has to submit his lesson material according to the formula for incorporation, study, reading, inspection, and present it to the students. The learning style of each child is different. Education psychology gives knowledge to guide the teacher in the process of learning.


3. Evaluation Evaluation-
The effect of the knowledge that the teacher gives and what practical changes have occurred in the children due to that knowledge. Education psychology gives information about this. Education psychology provides information about which things should be found under the evaluation, which can be fully evaluated by the child.


Utilityof education psychology- utility of education psychology for a teacher

1. Understanding Yourself – Understanding Yourself- Whether or not I have favorable abilities in my profession, that nature, philosophy of life, intelligence, level, your set values, relationship with teachers and parents, behavior, character qualities, teacher qualification society What are the procedures in What is the need of a teacher? Education helps the psychology teacher in getting information about all things.


2. Understanding students- Understanding students
Knowledge of the personality requirements of the child is essential for the teacher in learning. For example, a child who always harasses his peers, beats the children. The street lights the bulbs. Knowledge in education psychology is a problem for the teacher, which he sees only by the method of punishment. Download MCQ
Every child has a difference in terms of interest, respect, temperament, and intelligence. By knowing these individual differences, through teacher education psychology, one can distinguish between children with mental retardation and skilled intellect.

3. Teaching method Teaching method- Education psychology mentions many such learning principles with the help of teachers to decide their teacher’s methods.

4. Evaluation Evaluation-
To know whether the learner is eligible to receive new knowledge or not. In order to fathom the knowledge of the child, education is shown in psychology.

5. Diagnosis of problems Diagnosis of problems- In teaching work, the teacher has to face many problems. Education helps the psychology teacher in diagnosing and resolving these problems.
It is clear from all the facts given above that to make a teacher effective in teaching, the study of effective education psychology is very important.

The importance of education psychology for teachers- Education psychology has presented two aspects to society – theoretical and practical.
It is of theoretical and practical importance to all, teacher and student parents. In the modern era, the basis of education is psychology. The importance of education psychology can be explained as follows- Download MCQ

Importance of education psychology- 1. Child centered education- Child centered education-
Now education has become child-centered. Course training methods have been created according to the ability, interest, interest, interest of the child, etc. The child of today is free from the rigid control of the Guru. The curriculum is child centered.
2. Discipline Dicipline-
All-round development of students cannot be done on the strength of baton and fear. Therefore, the emphasis is on maintaining self-discipline on democratic grounds.
3. Changes in teaching methods Changes in teaching methods-
In the ancient method, the teacher used to emphasize on the Ratant method. Today many psychological learning methods have developed, according to which the development of the inherent powers of the child is given by giving education and still gives the medium of devotion. Through which education can be made interesting and enjoyable.
4. Syllabus course-

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Denis stated the importance of education psychology, stating that “education psychology has made a significant contribution to education. The ability and personal distinctions of students, known through multiple psychological tests, explain their knowledge, development and maturity of students. Has also contributed.
5. Knowledge of learning process Knowledge of learning process-
Education psychology makes teachers aware of the rules of learning, which makes the teacher more sharp and increases his / her confidence.
6. Personal variation Personal variation-
Personal differences in students