Download Gujarat mulki seva niymo 2002

Download Gujarat mulki seva niymo 2002: Hello friends, today very useful information is presented here for all the employees of Gujarat Government. Whether it is a departmental examination or an examination for promotion, if there is any legal problem in the job or if you want to know any rules, Gujarat Civil Service Rules 2002 PDF is for you. The format is present here.

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Download Gujarat mulki seva niymo 2002

We often see in the press or on TV that a certain employee has been suspended. We are also demanding the suspension of a government employee in many cases. However, due to lack of legal knowledge among the people, the government is cheating the people in this regard. Today we will know the difference between suspension and dismissal with the objective of providing legal information to the public through Bole Gujarat.

What are the rules?

Gujarat Civil Service (Conduct) Rules – 121 as well as Gujarat Civil Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules – 121 as well as Gujarat Civil Service (Joining on Duty, Deputation, Dismissal, Dismissal and Dismissal) Rules – 2008 etc. Provisions have been made by law for every Government employee or officer of the Gujarat Government regarding matters relating to employment. It is to be noted that these matters do not apply to the police department.

What is departmental investigation?

When any government employee or official is negligent in performing his or her legal duties, is negligent, takes bribes, or abuses authority or is seriously accused of doing or not doing any work by the authority he / she has received or the employee commits any misconduct or complaint against him / her When there is a representation or an investigation against him or if he is caught taking bribe, a departmental inquiry is conducted against that employee to confirm the above allegations. And at the end of the departmental investigation he is sentenced or dismissed.

What is suspended?

A departmental inquiry is initiated against an employee who has serious allegations against him and during the departmental inquiry the employee does not influence the investigation to his advantage and does not tamper with the evidence, witnesses or records of the investigation and intimidates witnesses or plaintiffs. That is why the employee is kept away from the powers and duties of the government job for a certain period of time which is called suspension in English and “suspension of duty” in Gujarati.

What happens after being suspended?

When an employee is suspended, he or she has to resign from government authority, office, position and performance.
A suspended employee receives 50% of the salary at home for subsistence.
A suspended employee cannot do any private job, cannot pay money at interest, cannot work in the stock market, cannot participate in political affairs
Suspended employees are considered suspended until the investigation against them is completed and then they are reinstated.

Result of departmental investigation against suspended employee

1) If the employee has committed serious misconduct, the employee is dismissed. This is called dismissal or termination in English and dismissal or dismissal in Gujarati. The dismissed employee does not receive any government salary or government job as well as is not taken back on the job.
2) If the employee has committed general or minor misconduct, the employee is taken back to the job by imposing a fine, withholding of increments or any other minor punishment.
2) If the employee is not found to have committed any misconduct, he is taken back to the government job.
2) If the departmental investigation is not completed even for two years, the employee is taken back to the job.
2) The suspended employee is presented on duty at another place because if Same appears at the place he can treat the plaintiff or his junior staff with a spirit of revenge.

Download Gujarat mulki seva niymo 2002

ગુજરાત મુલ્કી સેવા ના નિયમો

  1. ગુજરાત મુલ્કી સેવા નોકરીની સમાન્ય શરતો 
  2. ગુજરાત મુલ્કી સેવા પગારના નિયમો -2002
  3. ગુજરાત મુલ્કી સેવા નોકરી ની ફરજ માં જોડવા ના નિયમો -2002
  4. ગુજરાત મુલ્કી સેવા પગાર આધારિત ભથ્થાં અંગે ના નિયમો -2002
  5. ગુજરાત મુલ્કી સેવા પેન્શન અંગે ના નિયમો -2002
  6. ગૂજરાત મુલ્કી સેવા મુસાફરી ભથ્થાં અંગે ના નિયમો -2002
  7. ગુજરાત મુલ્કી સેવા રજા નિયમો-૨૦૦૨
  8. ગુજરાત મુલ્કી સેવા રહેણાંક ના મકાનો ના વસવાટ અંગે ના નિયમો -2002

In short, in most cases, when a government employee is accused, he is suspended, and at the end of a departmental inquiry, the employee is reinstated with a simple sentence or acquittal.

While in very rare cases an employee is dismissed, in which case the employee is considered to have been permanently removed from the government job.