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However, due to the lockdown, its use increased rapidly and students who could not go to school could virtually resume their incomplete studies. Had it not been for this medium of education, surely the education of crores of children would have been skipped in the middle.
What is online education (what is online education in Hindi)
In simple language we can understand online education as a system by which students can get education through internet and electronic devices like computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets from the comfort of their own home.

In this new education system, the constraints of distance and time have been completely removed. Students can study wherever they want with the help of real time or recorded lecturer.

Our teachers and governments have also been instrumental in popularizing digital education in this era of epidemics. Many schools have started regularly imparting the teaching activities of their teachers to the children in virtual form.

This has made it extremely convenient for students to study at home. For example, under the Smile project of Rajasthan government, daily study material, video, audio, etc. are delivered to school children through WhatsApp.

This new initiative has made the education system easier rather than disrupted. Online learning mediums have become popular for a number of reasons. It is easy to operate and the facilities provided are easily accessible to every human being.

This is the reason that online classes are running from nursery classes to big degree courses and children also participate in it with interest. All you need is a good internet connection to join this class. It trains children through video, audio and web content. Online education has been legalized since 1993.

Difficulties and Opportunities in Online Education System (Online Education Challenges And Opportunities In Hindi)
So far, the online education system is in its infancy, so it has not been implemented enough to identify the problems in the system. But due to many big and fundamental reasons even today not all children are able to benefit from this method. The first problem is the lack of high speed internet.

Even today, the speed of internet in remote provinces is not enough to attend online classes. The second problem is with the electronic device. Smart phones etc. are not given to the children of middle and lower families or the financial status of the family is not such that it can meet these expenses.

A major hurdle is also that as it is an innovative medium of instruction for teachers, traditional teachers are also reluctant to introduce themselves to such technology.

If we talk about the possibilities of online education, in this age of internet the importance of this method is increasing rapidly. Today many institutes are providing online courses at the homes of students preparing for the competition.

Distance learning institutions are also increasingly adopting this option. Thus we can see unprecedented growth in the field of online education in India in the coming decade.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education Online Education Advantages And Disadvantages
Benefits of online education: If we talk about digital education keeping in view all the aspects as a whole, then we have to talk about its benefits, loss, boon or curse, importance etc. Let us try to understand the advantages of this innovative method through some points here.

Many of the benefits of online education come from the convenience of studying at home.
Education is not affected by different types of weather, conditions, housewife or disability.
Eliminating regular traffic jams also saves a lot of time and money.
It also saves school resources and logistics.
The time spent in pre-study formalities can be saved.
Digital data can be easily saved so that previously given lectures can be reused at any time.

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Disadvantages of online education: So far we have to know about the possibilities, challenges and advantages of what online education medium is and its importance. On the one hand, this method has many benefits, on the other hand, it also has many side effects. We also know about the disadvantages of this teaching method with the help of the points given below.

Not all children are the same, they have a wide range of variations. So reading or looking at the screen is not so easy. Reading on screen is much harder than hardcopy.
Among the major disadvantages of online education are deformities of children’s eyes, fingers and spinal cord.
Usually a teacher in an online class is not able to communicate with all the children, so one-sided communication conditions are not considered suitable for learning.
Children’s learning online, their understanding and weaknesses cannot be tested accurately.
This medium of instruction gives more freedom to the student, due to which he starts acting according to his mind, this prevents the child from developing a sense of discipline.
When a child is given a mobile or a gadget, he cannot be monitored, what he sees, etc. No shortage of content that misleads the child’s character