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What is Airdrop? ( WHAT IS AN AIRDROP? )
In Cryptocurrency Airdrop, you are given a lot of tokens and coins for free. AirDrop understands how to grab user attention and gain new users, followers. By airdropping, the number of users of that coin and token increases and the value of that coin also increases. Airdrops are considered a very effective marketing strategy, as their goal is usually to spread the word about a certain product, coin or exchange in the cryptocurrency world.

Another advantage of “Airdrop” users who “BUY” coins in “ICO” before the launch of the coin are given “Airdrop tokens” after the project is successful, now “Crypto airdrop” is very important in the cryptocurrency community. It is done and many people take advantage of it, cryptocurrency airdrops are very short time, maximum airdrops happen during the promotion time of the project. Mostly crypto airdrop coins are for those people who support by investing in ICO projects, these coins are given by speaking loyalty to them.

List of popular Crypto Airdrop in July-August

Here are some of the popular crypto airdrops in June.

  • DeFiChain Airdrop. Claim $30 DFI for signing up + $10 DFI for each referral.
  • Morpher Airdrop. Claim 100 MPH (~$5) for free by simply signing up to Tim Draper’s 24/7 zero-fee exchange!
  • SwissBorg Airdrop.
  • Chainz Airdrop.
  • Binance Airdrop.
  • BlockFi Signup Bonus.
  • DeFiChain Airdrop.
  • Morpher Airdrop.

Popular Airdrops

The following cryptocurrencies were initially distributed for free:

• Byteball

• Stellar Lumens



Airdrops are a great way to get back digital tokens and potentially generate some extra income.

To get you airdrop coins for free, you have to do a little work (make a post according to the project, like the page, register, share on social media). And you have to give some personal information like access to your Facebook profile and your contact list etc..

Why do people give away coins for free via airdrop cryptocurrency? (WHY DO PEOPLE GIVE AWAY FREE COINS VIA AIRDROP CRYPTOCURRENCY?)

Because it’s free marketing/advertising for them. They can create their community with their coins and tokens. If understood in common language, then you and any person get coins/tokens for free, then anyone shows more interest in it and joins, so that some money can be received from it. Very often it happens that “crypto airdrop” is also done to increase the value/price of a new currency. crypto_airdrop is a way to build a customer database for a cheap price. If you are not paying / paying for it, then you are the product! Because these projects can collect all the data in exchange for a token whose value is very low.

Loyalty Reward
Word of mouth, free publicity can do such things to encourage people (Free Publicity)
Acquire Leads to get user leads

Many websites and online platforms have been created for the purpose of informing about doing airdrops. Out of these “ICODROPS” “AIRDROP ALERT” these websites are good, both these websites give complete information about the upcoming “AIRDROP”, apart from “Reddit” and “Telegram” on social media, these two platforms also get good information. If so, then you have to see it updated and daily on social sites so that you get all the updated information.