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Download Magician Full Viral Video: People get scared when they hear the name of black magic and voodoo. Because it is considered a symbol of dark powers. When people started using magic for personal gain and to the detriment of others, its name became black magic. Black magic includes karni vidya, charm, research, death, ghosts and totke etc

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TOUCH THE SCREEN and enjoy hypotizing motion of fluid swirls moving around, sometimes slow, quiet and elegant, other times dynamic, satisfying and trippy.

Due to some planetary faults in the horoscope, black magic has an effect on the native. If Sun, Moon, Saturn and Mars in Kundli are suffering from Rahu Ketu at special prices. Negative energy then has an effect Astrology has shown that the day of a solar eclipse is more affected by black magic. Because on that day the position of the planets changes drastically.

TOUCH THE SCREEN and enjoy hypnotizing motion of fluid swirls moving around, sometimes slow, quiet and elegant, other times dynamic, satisfying and trippy.

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Experiment with figurines

Bengal comes to mind first when the name of black magic comes to mind. But it is not. Even more black magic is practiced in Africa than in India. There he is known as Voodoo. A doll-like figurine is experimented with in that process. It is made from edible items such as gram flour, lentils and flour. The idol is then awakened by chanting its mantra and then black magic is performed on it. Download Magician Full Viral Video

This is how it started

In 1847, the goddess appeared on a tree named Erjuli. She is considered the goddess of love and beauty. He used his powers to get rid of all the diseases and all the troubles of the people here. The clergy did not like this. They destroyed the tree, calling it blasphemy. People started worshiping the goddess by making idols.

Voodoo has become black magic

Voodoo was used to relieve people of disease and anxiety. But when it began to be misused, it became black magic. In it the selfishness is fulfilled by calling the ghosts of the dead into the body of another person. Download Magician Full Viral Video

When a person is attacked by negative energy. So his body resists it. Without a heartbeat no cause suddenly increases. If black magic has happened to you too, you will start feeling weak from the mind and brain. Nightmares will come at night while sleeping. People affected by black magic seem to like loneliness. Hunger does not feel thirsty. Staying more sick often even doctors can’t catch the disease. Basil leaves in the house suddenly start to dry out.

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