Download Meesho – Resell Work From home

Download Meesho – Resell, Work From Home, Earn Money Online;Let us know today how to make money from Meesho App in Hindi 2020 if you also use a smartphone. So you must have heard about Misho app sometime. If you want to make money from online mobile sitting at home without any cost, then Meesho App may prove to be a better option for you. If you don’t know about this app, let me tell you that it is an online store. Which makes you better product available at very good prices. If you create an account in it and sell their product. So you get a commission for it. As we all know that big companies like Amazon and Flipkart are very popular in online stores which are making a lot of money by selling products.

Download Meesho - Resell, Work From Home, Earn Money Online
Download Meesho – Resell, Work From Home, Earn Money Online

How To Make Money From Meesho App

Meesho has also been included in the list of these but its concept is a bit different. It makes the customers the shopkeepers and sells its products to them. In return, it pays some commission to its users, although this thing can also be seen in Amazon and Flipkart. Which is known as affiliate program. If you also want to know how to make money from Misho app then read this post carefully. Because in this post you will get to know a lot about making money.

How To Make Money From Meesho App

Now you may be wondering how to sell products in it, so you have to create your account first. After this, you have to select some products that your friends and families may like. After this, their product has to be shared in all social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. If someone buys a product from the link you shared. So this will give you some commission which will be accumulated in your Misho account. Once you have sufficient funds, you can withdraw your commission from the meesho App.

1. How to download Meesho App

You can download it from google play store. After going to the Play Store, you have to type meesho app in the search box and install it. Now you have to register in it, if you want to install it now, you can download it from here.

2. How to register on Meesho App

Now you have to verify your mobile number by opening Meesho app. At the same time a video will start playing in front of you. In which you will be told about Meesho Reselling Business and how to make money from Meesho, then you can watch it or skip the video. In it you will find all the information. You will then be asked to provide some of your information. Later you will come to the home page where you have to create a profile.

How to make money with Meesho App
1. First select the item you can sell on the Meesho App or your friends, family, neighbors etc. need it.

2. After clicking on the same, you get the details of its feature. Now you have to click on the Margin button.

3. Like now it is the same 900 जिसमें in which you can put a margin of 100 and sell it for 1000.

4. Now click on Share On WhatsApp button and send it to the person you want to sell the same which will now be priced at Rs 1000.

5. If he wants to buy it, you can enter your delivery address and send it to him and your margin i.e. 100 will come in your misho account.

See how easy it is for you to make money from your mobile.

Meesho App Information in Hindi
After creating the profile, you will be shown the Homepage of Meesho app. In which a lot of options may be visible but to make money from Meesho, you have to know the above 6 options well. So that you can earn at least more than 10000 per month. Let’s talk about these 6 options.

1. Meesho Business Academy

Today, Misho India has become the No. 1 reselling business because Mesho’s business academy helps everyone so that anyone can start their own business. meesho academy gives you important information about Misho sitting at home through videos in more than 5 languages. You get information in languages ​​like Hindi, English, Telgu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, etc.

If you watch the whole videos well, then you have to answer some questions related to Messho reselling. If you are from any corner in India then you can start your business journey by watching videos in your language here. If you follow it well then in a few days you can understand very well about making money from meesho app.

2. For U

Now let’s talk about meesho’s for u, it shows you meesho’s upcoming deals, festival offers, upcoming Meesho products, Discounts offers. Which you can easily understand by looking and reading.

3. Collections

You will find different types of clothes, beauty, accessories, electronics, home, kids collections of Misho at very low prices. Which you can share by adding your margin

4. meesho help

Let me tell you that Meesho’s help is the most searched daily on google. Because there are most people who have joined Misho but they can’t make much money with half of their information and search on google. After reading this post today on meesho helpline number and meesho email address, you will not need to search all this. Because come on