Download most usefull Google Translate Application

Download most usefull Google Translate Application

  :Help improve Google Translate for the language you speak. Contribute to the translation community so that people around the world can understand your language better.

Download most usefull google translate application
Download most usefull Google Translate Application

Fill in the blanks or multiple-choice, We show you a phrase, you write a translation of it. Or you just click or tap, we will show you possible translations and you tell us whether they are right or wrong.

Bring languages ​​to life
The translation community has an important role in our process of adding new languages ​​to Google Translate. If you speak a language that we are working on, then you can help us in adding it.

What is Google Translate?

The name of Google’s service available for translating words, sentences, web pages and documents from one language into another language is – Google Translate
In this following video you can see a practical use of Google Translate, where a woman goes to a restaurant where no one knows English, but she is still able to order the dishes of her choice.

How to use google translate

To use Google Translate you have the following options:
Go to this link in your computer browser – http://translate.google.co.in
Use as a browser add-on installed on the computer
Chrome google translate extension
Mozilla google translate add on
Download Google Translate app on mobile: Go to your mobile app store and search by typing google translate.

What is the use of Google Translate?

You can use Google Translate as follows:
1. Translating a word from one language to another
If you want to translate an English word from English to Hindi, or Hindi, then the easiest way to do this is:
Go to Google Search in your mobile computer
Write and submit <word> <language-1> to <language-2>
Example: peas english to hindi
English to Hindi Translation with Google
2. Translation of a sentence from one language to another
With the help of Google Translate, you can translate entire sentences from one language to another. Here you choose the language you want to translate, your native language guessed it yourself.
Translation from one language to another
3. After translating to another language, tell it by speaking
After translating your written or spoken text into your chosen language in Google Translate, it also tells it by speaking, so that you can also speak it or listen to the front and communicate with it.
For this, you have to click on the “speaker button” under your translation.
4. Save or share your translation
You can save any of your translations in the “Google Phrase Book” so that you can reuse it in the future.
For this, you have to click on the “Star Button” made with your translation.
Save your translation
Apart from this, you can also share your translation on email, twitter or google plus using the “share button”.
5. Write in your handwriting to translate
You can also translate it into another language by writing in your handwriting on your mobile or computer using the “handwriting option” available with the input language option of “Google Translate”.
Handwriting translation
6. Translate an entire website URA web page.
If you want to read the page of a website by translating it from another language into the language of your choice, for this, copy-paste the URL of that webpage in the input and click on that URL in the translation.
That webpage will be available in front of you by translating from other language into the language of your choice.
Website URA web page translation
7. Type by speaking, then translate
While using Google Translate on the website or app, you can also type your sentence, word by speaking, for this, click on the following “microphone button” and speak.
Type by speaking

8. Reading words and sentences written in other language in your language using mobile camera
After downloading the google translate app in mobile, you can use one of its best features.
Choose your preferred language in the app,
Then click on the camera button of the app to focus the camera on words or sentences written in other languages.
You will see those words and sentences in your language on your mobile screen
Using this feature, you can easily read names, instructions, etc. written in other languages ​​at any place.
Hope you find this information useful and interesting, please do write your comments and thank you.

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