Download Swiggy Partner App 2020

Download new Swiggy Partner App 2020 {working} It all started back in 2014 when two BITS Pillai graduates Shriharsha Majeti and Nandan Reddy decided that they wanted to make life easier by changing the way we eat in India – all with just one tap!

Download new Swiggy Partner App 2020 {working}

With his idea of ​​‘hyperlocal food delivery’, he just had the technology of that power and was introduced to Rahul Gemini, who brought this website to life with the first website. With this, Swiggy was launched as a food ordering and delivery platform.

Download new Swiggy Partner App 2020 {working}

2014 In August 2014, Swiggy started operations by signing up at several restaurants in Koramangala, Bengaluru. Soon enough, the first team of Hunger Saviors came into action to deliver food in 40 minutes. Shortly afterwards, Swiggy raised the first round of funding and launched the application in May 2015. Interesting fact: The technology of delivering great food to your home was fully developed indoors!

With the love and support of consumers, Swiggy spread first and across the country, then to the entire city of Bengaluru and beyond. As they say, the rest is history.

Today Swiggy is the leading food ordering and delivery platform in India. Innovative technology, large and nimble delivery service and exceptional customer focus at Swiggy include no restrictions on fast delivery of electricity, live order tracking and order amounts, whenever you enjoy your favorite meal. D likes.

Comfortable working environment that follows a flat and open culture with office fee space, which is why LinkedIn voted us as one of the top companies in India to work in 2017! We know you work best when you’re happy.

The Swiggy Partner App aims to simplify the process of conveying orders to partners and streamlining the entire process of ordering in, from confirming to preparation to delivery. The app serves as a bridge between our partners and Swiggy for ordering. This ensures that everything runs on technology, making it simpler than ever before to manage a takeaway business.

Restaurant owners can now keep tabs on the number of orders placed and maintain a record of all orders placed through Swiggy!
Restaurant owners can also see their Business Metrics.
Managing your deliveries has never been easier. Download now and experience a seamless delivery system.