Download this app of Navratri Video Status

Download this app of Navratri Video Status :As soon as the time of Navratri comes, the whole atmosphere becomes pure, by the way, we all remember the mother all the time, but at the time of Navratri, it is as if a different kind of devotion is awakened in a person.

Download this app of Navratri Video Status
Download this app of Navratri Video Status

We are all very much looking forward to Navratri starting from March 25 and are already engaged in preparations for fasting and worship. As the age has gone digital these days, so today we have brought for you the best wishes for the holy festival of Mother Durga which you can share with your loved ones and celebrate Navratri with even more joy-

Sarvamangal mangalye shive sarvarth sadhike. Sharanye tryambake gauri narayani namotrastute.

Jai Mata Di. Happy Navratri 2020

Om Jayanti Mangala Kali Bhadrakali Kapalini. Durga Kshma Shiva Dhatri Swaha Swadha Namotrstute.

Jai Mata Di. Happy Navratri 2020

May the steps of Goddess Mother come to your house, you bathe with happiness and troubles steal your eyes from you.

Jai Mata Di ..

Best wishes of Chaitra Navratri to you and your entire family with best wishes of happiness, peace and prosperity.

May Mother Durga grant you happiness, prosperity, splendor and fame on this Navratri. Jai Mata Di. Best wishes for Navratri.

Mother’s court decorated with red chunari, happy mind, delighted world, mother come to your door with small steps.

Jai Mata Di. Happy Navratri 2020

In your court, Maiya finds happiness, life, laughter.

Happy Navratri 2020

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Sorrows and pains are erased in the court of Maya, whoever comes at a rate, is taken to refuge.

Jai Mata Di. Happy Navratri 2020

New lamps are lit, new flowers bloom, new springs are found every day, on this holy festival of Navratri, you get the blessings of Mata Rani.

Happy Navratri 2020.

Don’t let go of your precious opportunity, say Jai Mata Di Bande Jai Mata Di Bol.

Malmas is the beloved month of Lord Vishnu. Fasting on Purushottam Ekadashi in this month yields gold donations and fruits equal to thousands of yajnas as well as salvation after death. At the same time, this fast is also considered auspicious for fulfillment of desires.

Purushottam Ekadashi, which falls in Purushottam Mass every third year, is on Sunday, September 27. Also called Kamala Ekadashi. Ekadashi which falls in the Shuklapaksha of Purushottam month is called Purushottam Ekadashi. These names are mentioned in the Padmapuran. Whereas, in Mahabharata it is called Sumadra Ekadashi. Also commonly called Padmini Ekadashi. This date has been called by Lord Krishna as one of the best dates, by fasting of which favorable grace of Srimahalakshmi is obtained. On this day, one time chanting at home, one hundred times chanting in Gaushala, thousands of times in the holy area and shrine, millions of times chanting near Tulsi and worshiping Janardhana, crores of times doing chanting in Shiva and Vishnu. The fruit is obtained.

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Astrologer Anish Vyas, Director, Pal Balaji Astrology Institute, Jaipur, said that this Ekadashi coming in 3 years is very special. All kinds of sins are eliminated only by worshiping Lord Vishnu and fasting on this day. From this fast one gets the virtue of Ekadashis throughout the year. According to the Hindu calendar, Purushottam Ekadashi fast falls in Adhikamas. Being in the month of Lord Vishnu, this fast becomes even more special. Brahma ji first told Narad ji about this Ekadashi then Lord Krishna told Yudhisthira about its importance. On this day Radha-Krishna and Shiva-Parvati are worshiped. Charity has special significance in this fast. Lentils, gram, honey, leafy vegetables and foreign grains should not be eaten on this day. Salt should not be used on this day and food should not be eaten in bronze pots. Whereas, roots or fruits can be eaten throughout the day.

Ekadashi auspicious moment

Ekadashi Tithi Commencement – September 26 at 07 p.m.

Ekadashi date ends – September 27 at 07:47 p.m.

Ekadashi Paran Muhurat – September 28 from 06:10 to 08:26

Importance of Ekadashi

Malmas is the beloved month of Lord Vishnu. Fasting on Purushottam Ekadashi in this month yields gold donations and fruits equal to thousands of yajnas as well as salvation after death. At the same time, this fast is also considered auspicious for fulfillment of desires. It is believed that all devotees who want to receive the infinite grace of Lord Bishnu should fast Purushottam Ekadashi.

Method of fasting

Retire from bathing in the morning on Ekadashi day and meditate and pray to Lord Vishnu. After this, one should resolve to fast. First of all, install the idol or picture of Lord Vishnu by laying a yellow cloth and sprinkle Ganga water on them and apply tilak of roll-akshat and offer white flowers. World-renowned fortune teller and horoscope analyst Anish Vyas said that offering white flowers on this day is considered to be of special importance. After this, offer bhog to God and also offer basil leaf. Then chant the hymns and mantras of God and recite Vishnu Chalisa. Then by lighting the lamp of desi ghee, apologize for the sins committed knowingly and unknowingly and then recite their Aarti. Donate to the poor and needy people and do pooja-paath even in the evening. Do bhajan-kirtan of Lord Vishnu at night and after bathing on Dwadashi date, remember God and bid farewell to the poor including Dakshina.

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The importance of fasting

World-renowned prophet and horoscope analyst Anish Vyas said that this fast is described as the biggest and most important in the scriptures. It is said in Brahmand Purana that Lord Vishnu is happy by fasting on Ekadashi of Malmas and worshiping Lord Vishnu as well as living by rules and restraint. In other Puranas it is said that there is no sacrifice, penance or charity beyond this fast. The person who fasts on this Ekadashi gets the fruits of all the pilgrimages and sacrifices. The person who worships and fasts Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna on this Ekadashi. All kinds of sins that happened unknowingly are gone. Such a person enjoys all kinds of pleasures and attains the abode of Lord Vishnu.

The story of Ekadashi

Anish Vyas, a world-renowned prophet and horoscope analyst, said that according to the mythological beliefs, a king named Kartavirya of Mahishmati Puri ruled in the Tretayuga. King Kartavirya was very mighty and had a thousand wives but no children. They started worrying about who will handle this state after me. The kings and queens were very upset about this. He performed many hard penances and Dharma-karma but did not get any success. One day Rani Devi asked Anusuya about the solution. Then Goddess Anusuya asked to fast on Purushottam Ekadashi which falls in Malmas. The Goddess told that Malmas is the beloved month of Lord Vishnu and all the desires are fulfilled by fasting on Padmini Ekadashi which falls in this month. The king and all the queens performed this fast. While performing the Ekadashi Paran method, the Lord appeared and asked for a boon from the king, then the king wished for a son endowed with all virtues and apariz. God gave this gift to the king. Some time later, a son was born to a wife of the king whose name Kartavirya named Arjuna. It is said that all over the world

Jai Mata Di. Happy Navratri 2020

Without you, this world is false, mother, false relationships, all false family mothers.

Jai Mata Di. Happy Navratri 2020