Download Time Table For Std 3 To 5 & Std 6 To 8 For Microsoft Team.

Download Time Table For Std 3 To 5 & Std 6 To 8 For Microsoft Team. ;Today we are going to tell you the link of a government website (gov.in), using which you can make a significant contribution to the development of your village, your neighborhood and your country, you can see it on Bharat How much money has the government given for the construction works of your village (this data is completely authentic),

Download time table for std 3 to 5 & std 6 to 8 for microsoft team.
Download Time Table For Std 3 To 5 & Std 6 To 8 For Microsoft Team.

If you find any irregularity, you can complain about it directly in the public hearing (Uttar Pradesh), this will allow every citizen to know that in his village in any item like khandja, drain, cleaning, tap, school, hospital, disease How much money has come. He can see the details one by one by clicking the website. You too can click once for the experience, you will have an amazing experience.

All schools have to maintain a weekly schedule for the following classes.
  • Std. 3 & 4 – Time 1 hour 2 Subject 2 Tas
  • Std. 5 – 1 hour 2 subject 2 Tas
  • Std-6,7,8 – 1.5 hours 2 subject 2 Tas
  • Std. 9 and 10 – 2 hours 2 subject 2 Tas
  • Std. 11 and 12 – 2 hours 2 subjects 2 Tas

You can choose your language according to your convenience, right now there is an option of English, Hindi and Punjabi. Here you choose your plan year and the name of your state and click on GET REPORT, then it will ask you about the planning unit,

FOR EXAMPLE if you want to see how much money is going to the government in your village this year. Then you will choose the option of GRAM PANCHYAT tep 4. After that you will be asked in which Zila Panchayat you live,

you will select the name of your district Step 5. After selecting Zila Panchayat, you will select the name of your Janpad Panchayat or Block, For Example – If I want to see how much money the government has given in which item in my village in 2017-2018,

Classes taken by teachers by Microsoft teams will be supervised by Education Inspectors, Assistant Education Inspectors, Taluka Primary Education Officers, BRC COOs, CRC COOs and District Office. The work done in this regard

Step 6. After Janpad Panchayat you will be asked the name of village PANCHYAT, after that you will click on GET REPORT. Also read
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Here you have the complete information about how much money has come to your village / locality / bard so far and how much work has been done by your head (village PANCHYAT Pradyan), your bard member and how much money has been taken from the government If you find any data that you do not think is correct, you can complain about it by going to a public hearing, where your complaint will be directly monitored by the Chief Minister.

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