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Until February 2020, smartphones were considered a cause of disruption to students’ studies. Every effort was made by teachers and parents to ensure that smartphones do not affect students’ learning. But during the Corona era, only smartphones have proved to be a lifeline for students to study. But as the saying goes, every cloud has a layer of silver. As such, it has proved to be a silver lining for mobile application development. Mobile apps turn smartphones into virtual classrooms. Where students do curriculum-based activities with ease and great attention. Along with curriculum-based activities, students are also learning skill-based and their own choice based information. Mobile applications with new and advanced learning management software are changing the educational landscape in today’s times. As well as this type of educational application started with the aim of learning the subjects and developing the skills of the students makes the teaching easier and more enjoyable.

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edX application

Studying at top universities like Harvard, MIT, Columbia, etc. is the dream of the students. But, they also know that getting admission in this university is not easy. But no one in the world can stop you from fulfilling your dream if you install the edX app on your fan. The edX application brings at your fingertips all the renowned universities of the world as well as the skill courses run by them. You can learn more than 2000 courses of top universities through this one application alone. Also totally free. These mainly include computer science, vocational studies, linguistics, engineering, and many other study courses. Not only that, the professional certificates obtained from these study courses and the credit of the university will always prove to be valuable for you in your professional career. This app has all the main features required for study activities. Through the application, students are provided video lectures by subject matter experts from around the world. Study materials are provided in PDF format.