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EMI Calculator Apps For count your EMI esily

EMI Calculator Apps To count your EMI easily: Here are some things to understand EMI: This smart and handy app is a one-stop solution to your financial calculation. You can easily calculate, track, and get the information related to your financial investment.EMI Calculator Apps is also available on our site for detailed view below.

Key Features :

1. You can calculate EMI for a home loan, car loan, and other loan entities / Mortgage Calculator.
2. EMI calculators section consist of basic / PRO / Advance EMI Calculator along with statistics. You can easily compare the two loans.
3. The banking calculation section consists of interest calculators on financial instruments like Fixed Deposit / FD calculator, Recurring Deposit / RD calculator, Public provident fund / PPF calculator & Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) / Mutual Funds calculator.
4. You can also calculate the taxes on the amount using the VAT / GST Calculator.


1. Create a loan profile for your home loan, car loan, educational loan, etc, and track them all together.
2. Get useful stats about the completion of individual / cumulative loans . You will get notified about your due EMI on the payment date .
3. The variable interest rate , loan prepayment , fees, and charges are also available with the loan profile and can be modified at any time .

EMI Calculator Apps For count your EMI esily
EMI Calculator Apps For count your EMI esily

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Info & Share

1. The useful information related to the financial instrument is also available which includes its Advantages , Disadvantages , Eligibility , Tax Deduction, and Nomination .
2. Share the results & statistics of financial calculations with others using email /SMS /messaging .


1. Home Loan Eligibility section for estimating loan eligibility.
2. Easy to Access and Innovative.
3. Flexible UI and Good Usability.
4. App Available for FREE to use.
5. For Advertisement / Query / Suggestions contact us at infonitydeveloper@gmail.com

1. Equated Monthly Installation

EMI is a fixed amount of money that you have to pay to the bank every month until your loan is exhausted. The entire loan amount is called the principal. The bank charges interest on the principal borrowed. This principle is used to calculate EMI.

2. What does EMI consist of

Each EMI consists of some amount of principal and some amount of interest. So whenever you pay the EMI installment, the principal and interest also decrease with time.

3. Monthly interest, not annual

Each EMI is calculated according to the interest rate of the month. Interest is calculated as a percentage on your principal. This percentage is called the interest rate. Generally, the bank calculates interest on a per-year basis. For example, when the interest rate is 8%, the interest charge comes to 0.66% per month. It is very easy to calculate. Divide the annual interest rate into one year’s months (12 months). You will get a monthly rate.

4. Loan Period

EMI is paid per month. So your loan is considered on monthly basis for calculation. Therefore, the number of months is compulsory during which you have to repay the loan with interest. For example, if the loan is taken for seven years, then the number of months will be 84.

5. EMI Calculation

Now we have all the necessary information available, so now EMI can be calculated. There are two ways to do this – one is to use an excel sheet and the other way the calculation gets a bit complicated. Excel is easy to understand.

In Excel, you can use the PMT tool. Open a new sheet, go to the Formula section of the menu and choose PMT from the Financial Formula. You will be asked to enter some data. Enter the monthly rate ‘per’ or the number of months until you repay the loan and put the principal in the PV section. Put ‘0’ in the FV section and choose “Payment at the end of the period” option. That’s all. Excel will tell you the monthly EMI.

6. Things to remember

The rate of interest is in percentage. So whenever you enter data, divide it by 100. For example, if the interest rate is 8% then in Excel you would write 0.08 and not 8. Secondly, whenever you repay the loan, do it at the end of the month. So we have selected the option “Payment at the end of the period”. This is important otherwise your EMI calculation will be wrong.

7. Example

You take a loan of Rs 10 lakh from the bank to buy a car. The bank charges interest at the rate of 8% percent for seven years. In this case, your principal is Rs. 10,00,000. The interest rate will be 0.66% per month and the number of months will be 84. Therefore, for the loan, you have to pay an EMI of Rs 15,546.39 per month.

8. Understand how EMI works

Each EMI includes principal and interest. The interest payment in the first month will be a monthly interest rate of 0.66% and the total principal. It will be Rs 6,600. This means that out of the EMI of 15,546.39 rupees, 8,946.39 rupees will be the principal. Therefore, you still have to pay Rs 9,91,053.61 of the principal. Now for next month, this amount will be charged as a percentage of interest. Therefore, the amount of interest will be Rs 6,540.95 in the second month. The balance amount of EMI will be Rs 9,005.44. This reduces your principal. In this way, the interest component of EMI decreases, and the principal you take from the bank also decreases. However, EMI per month remains the same.