Equalizer & Bass Booster – Android App STD10

Equalizer and Bass Booster Help improve sound quality with bass boost, five-band equalizer, 3D virtualized, and volume booster. This equalizer can easily reset the effects of your music by changing the music style and increasing the bass sound, making your music and video sound like never before.

This bass booster and music volume equalizer also have a loudspeaker music equalizer, bass booster, sound changer, and amplifier.

Powerful 5-band equalizer and sound effects
Free from bass, free, intuitive 5-band equalizer to control sound effects.
22+ equalizer presets for your best audio experience. (Normal, Heavy, Rock, Dance, Flat, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Folk, R&B, etc.)

Audio Dio Enhancer and Bass Booster
The sound effects surrounding 3D stereo bring an immersive experience.
Volume booster and amplifier maximize the volume of your device.
Bass booster for headphones, external speaker and Bluetooth.

Stylish interface and modern design
13 iPod-style metallic themes including Gold, Green, Red, Pink, Silver, Metallic, Black and more.
Edge lighting facility and live sound spectrum.


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