Flipkart SmartPack: Flipkart’s new innovation plan that gives you 100% moneyback on your new smartphone

Flipkart SmartPack: Mobile technology is constantly evolving which is causing more demand in the affordable and mid-range segment from users who want to upgrade to the fastest phone ever. The emphasis on affordable mobile technology, especially in the post-epidemic world, can help users access services ranging from education to entertainment and fitness.

Flipkart SmartPack gives users a 100% money back on the purchase of their new smartphone with the option of 12 or 18 months through access to the top subscription services available with a fixed monthly fee.

Through the Flipkart SmartPack subscription service, Flipkart will give its users a maximum return on their money using a 100% moneyback that they can use to buy a new phone or for any other purpose. This is perfect in the affordable and middle segment for mobile users who use their phones for maximum use of OTT services and other subscription services and they can get 100% money back after a stipulated time of 12 to 18 months. The moneyback guarantee also applies to users who want to keep their phones with them but the percentage is reduced.

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