Gandki Mukt Bharat Painting na namuno

Gandki Mukt Bharat Painting na namuno

Gandki Mukt Bharat Painting na namuno: Gandki Mukt Bharat Painting a namuno,Cleanliness is a good habit which is very important for all of us. Cleaning your home, pets, your surroundings, environment, pond, river, school, etc. We should always be clean, clean, and dress well.


It helps in creating a good personality and influence in society because it shows your good character. To make life possible on earth, along with cleaning your body, the environment and natural resources (land, water, food items, etc.) should also be kept clean.Gandki mukt bharat circular also available here.

Cleanliness makes us healthy in every way, mental, physical, social, and intellectual. Generally, we must have always noticed in our house that our grandmother and mother are very strict about hygiene before pooja, then we do not find this behavior any different, because they just want to make cleanliness our habit. But she adopts the wrong approach because she does not show the purpose and benefits of cleanliness, that is why we face problem in the following cleanliness.
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Every parent should logically talk to their children about the purpose, benefits, and needs of cleanliness. They must tell that cleanliness is the first priority in our life, like food and water.
Gandki mukt bharat painting
Gandki Mukt Bharat Painting
To make our future shiny and healthy, we should always take care of ourselves and the environment around us. We should do bathing with soap, cutting nails, clean and ironed clothes, etc. daily. We should learn from our parents how to make the house clean and pure. We should keep the environment around us clean so that no disease is spread. Some people should wash their hands with soap before and after eating. We should drink clean and pure water throughout the day, we should avoid eating outside, as well as avoiding spicy and ready beverages. In this way, we can keep ourselves clean as well as healthy.
Gandki mukt bharat spardha
gandki mukt bharat spardha

Swatch bharat spardha

Swatch bharat spardha
swatch bharat spardha
Gandki mukt bharat compitition
gandki mukt bharat compitition
Gandki mukt bharat spardha wall painting
gandki mukt bharat spardha wall painting
Gandki Mukt Bharat Painting a Unamuno, Cleanliness is an action by which our body, mind, clothes, house, surroundings, and work area remain clean and pure. Cleanliness is very important for our mental and physical health. Cleaning of the surrounding areas and environment is very important for social and intellectual health. We should bring cleanliness in our habit and garbage should always be put in the garbage, because dirt is the root that causes many diseases. People who do not bathe daily, wear dirty clothes, keep their home or surroundings dirty, such people are always sick. Dirt produces many types of germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungus in the surrounding areas which give rise to diseases.
People who have dirty habits also spread dangerous and fatal diseases. Infectious diseases spread over large areas and make people sick, sometimes it also leads to death. Therefore, we should take care of our hygiene regularly. Whenever we go to eat something, wash our hands with soap. For our physical and mental health, we should wear absolutely clean clothes. Cleanliness increases our self-confidence and trust in others. This is a good habit that will always keep us happy. This will make us feel very proud in the society.
In order to avoid spreading the infection around the house or around us and for the complete disposal of dirt, we should take care that garbage should only be dumped in the dustbin. Cleanliness is not only the responsibility of one person, but it is the responsibility of every household, society, community, and every citizen of the country. We should understand its importance and benefits. We should swear that neither we will spread the dirt ourselves and let anyone spread it.
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