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Good news for central employees- pensioners -DA increase in percentage possible

central employees- pensioners -DA increase in percentage possible :Good news for central employees and pensioners. This is news related to DA DA and is therefore important for central employees and pensioners. In this new year 2021, he is expected to receive dearness allowance. Dearness allowance is expected to increase by four percent in January 2021.

central employees- pensioners -DA increase in percentage possible
central employees- pensioners -DA increase in percentage possible

This will benefit about 1.5 crore central employees and pensioners across the country. Various state government employees and pensioners will also get this benefit. Currently seven percent dearness allowance is payable from July 2020, but it is not being paid yet. An index is released by the Union Labor Ministry on the average of inflation every month. Based on the same, dearness allowance is prescribed for central employees and pensioners twice in the month of January and July.

This allowance has been fixed on the basis of consumer price index for industrial workers of the last 12 months. Based on this, it is calculated on the average of the previous 12 months. Giving information in this regard, Harishankar Tiwari Chairman Citizen Brothers and former President AG Brotherhood Prayagraj say that the November 2020 Consumer Price Index has been released. If there is no increase or decrease in the index for the month of December, the 12-month average index will be 335.25.

On this basis, a total of 28 percent dearness allowance is given from 1 January 2021, whereas before this, 24 percent dearness allowance is payable from July 2020. In such a situation, it can be said that now from January 1, 2021, the net dearness allowance will be fixed at four percent.

From July, 11 percent will also be added to the dearness allowance. However, arrears from 1 January 2020 to 30 June 2021 will not be given. Harishankar Tiwari said that seven percent dearness allowance has already been paid, including four percent from January 1, 2020 and three percent from July 1, 2020. But, the central government has not given it yet. Nor will there be a possible four percent increase from January 2021. As per the government’s decision, adding three installments, ie seven percent and four percent in January 2021, 11 percent inflation is expected to be met after July.

Estimates of salary and DA of employees are based on this CPI-IW. When it is converted into a base year, it directly affects dearness allowance. Changing the base year of CPI-IW will also increase the minimum wage of private sector workers. The government changes the base year of this Consumer Price Index (CPI-IW). The Consumer Price Index is an important criterion. It has been used to measure the average value of services and goods. It is calculated by calculating the average price of a standard group of goods and services. It is also used to assess retail inflation in the economy and to calculate DA DA of employees.

Central employees can get good special dearness allowance in future. The government has changed the base year. DA is bound to increase. This change will directly benefit 48 lakh central employees of the country. Earlier this year, the central government had cleared the payment of DA and the process was about to begin but the payment of DA was banned during the countrywide lockdown imposed in March due to the Corona epidemic. This moratorium has been imposed till 2021. The dearness allowance currently being paid to central employees is 17 percent. Only recently, the government declared a Diwali pre-paid gift for the central employees. Employees can use this shopping card till March 31, 2021.

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The new base year of 2016 has been implemented for industrial workers from September 2020. The DA has been calculated by multiplying the old index by 2.88 and converting it to the old index.

This dearness allowance benefits central government employees and pensioners and employees and pensioners of various states including U.P. Harishankar states that as of the base year 2001, if there was a decrease of eight points in the December 2020 consumer price index, the dearness allowance would be payable by five percent if inflation was increased by three percent and the index increased by 24 points. However, such decrease or increase is not possible in any one month. Therefore, dearness allowance will be payable only four percent. Reported that the December 2020 index will be released after one month.

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