Good news for LPG cooking gas cylinder users, now there will be a double benefit on a single cylinder, find out who will get the benefit

The Indian company has introduced a new cylinder that will be 50 per cent lighter in weight and will be a blue fiber composite cylinder. Know all the details


Good news for those who use LPG cooking gas cylinders
Inden company brings new orchestra bright gas cylinder
Find out who will benefit

You can see how much gas is left in the cylinder
A maximum of 10 kg of gas will come in a composite cylinder made of fiber. Some part of the cylinder will be transparent which will also allow you to see how much gas is left. Also, at the time of purchase of a gas cylinder, you will be able to check whether the gas is full or not. Composite gas cylinders will weigh 5 and 10 kg. If you are not using more gas cylinders at home, you can buy a 10 kg or 5 kg gas cylinder.


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A lightweight and colorful LPG gas cylinder will give you relief from an old bottle. With this it will be 50 percent lighter as it is made of fiber compared to the old cylinder. Along with this its special design will also make it attractive. There will also be no problem of corrosion in this cylinder. At present these cylinders are available only in Delhi and Hyderabad. If you want to get this cylinder you can contact the nearest Inden distributor and get the information for it.


Can be exchanged with old cylinders
If you want these new cylinders you need to deposit a security deposit. There is a security deposit of Rs 3350 for a 10 kg cylinder and a price of Rs 2150 for a 5 kg cylinder. If you are a customer of Inden you can exchange the existing cylinder with a new composite cylinder. You will have to give the distance of the security deposit. Home delivery of this composite cylinder is done just like a normal cylinder. Inden’s distributor delivers it to your home. Indian Oil has also introduced special extra bright cylinders for its customers. The company claims that it can save you up to 5% on gas. Apart from this, it is also quick to eat. The cylinder will be brown. Domestic customers will not be able to use it, it is only for commercial people.