google arts culture app

google arts culture app: Hello friends, in today’s article, we will tell you what the Google Arts & Culture App is. What does it work for? How can you download and use the So read it from beginning to end.

google arts culture app

The Google arts and culture app for hai hai kaise is already in useWhat is the Google Arts & Culture app? What does it work for? What is the Google Arts & Culture app?

The Friends Google Arts & Culture app is an android app introduced by Google, which has many features within it, but its main feature is that we can compare our images with the old logo and We may know that our images are the same as the ancient people and what percentage is available.

google arts culture app

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If you upload your image to it, then the photos and details of all those ancient people will come before you, whose image is just like you. From that detail, will you know that he was an ancient man? What percentage is similar to your face? etc.

So if you are interested in such things? After all this is a good app for you. So you can download it today.

The Google Arts & Culture App was first launched on 30 November 2015. To date, more than five million people have installed it on their mobiles. It has a rating of 4.2 on the play store, which is pretty good.

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Features of the Google Arts & Culture app: –
Key features: –

Art Transfers – Any image can be replaced with old art drawings.
Art Selfie – You can search for images that look like you.
Pallet Color – You can test art using the colors of your image.
Art Projector – You can see what art looks like in real size.
Pocket Gallery – Go through its huge gallery and get closer to the art.
Camera Art – You can explore high definition art.
360 ° Video – Get the culture 360 ​​°.
Virtual reality tourism – the internet can roam within world-class museums.
Street View – You can visit world famous landmarks and historical landmarks.
Art ID – You can find more information about museum artifacts by pointing them to your mobile camera. (Only in selected museums)

So here are some features of this app, which you can use. I hope you are well aware of them. Now we tell you how to use the Google Arts & Culture app?

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How to use the Google Arts & Culture App? How to use the Google Arts & Culture app? Google Arts & Culture Application Kaise Use Kare?
1. For this, first, go to the mobile play store and download this app.

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Click here to download the Google Arts & Culture App now.

2. After downloading this app, when you open it, you will be asked for additional permissions, allowing them to be.

3. Select your Gmail ID. What you want to use.

4. Then click on the camera icon. After that you will see other options like these.

Before taking a picture here, you should choose what you want to know about the photo. For example, if you want to view your photo as an ancient painting or want to edit it and share it with your friends, then click on ‘Art Transfer’. Other than that, if you want to know what people get your picture in ancient times and what percentage they get? So for this, select the ‘Art Selfie’ option.
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5. Then you should take a picture.

6. After that, all the details related to this image will be revealed to you.

So in this way you can use the Google Arts & Culture App. Also if you use this app, you will be able to know more about it.

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