Gujarat New project will lonched official announcement

Gujarat New project will launch an official announcement: Nitinbhai Patel, Deputy Chief Minister Rs. 500 crore multi-year rental scheme. The video conference was started from Gandhinagar in attendance. Apart from making Ujjain self-sufficient, water is also a source of income this scheme is very prestigious with the latest technology to become a water surrogate. It is believed that the waterway of Ujjain will be established.


Is about to happen and the field is about to change. The Deputy Chief Minister has given the planning part of this project to the Commerce Department. Congratulations on coming.Cooperatives in the State of India, which includes MP Patel, MP Manukh Vasava, Dharasio.Parmar and other office bearers including Chief Minister of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), BJP leader Mahan Bharti. Chance was present on the site of the rental bar scheme.


With the construction of 2 lanes, it will be reduced by 12 km. Not only that, Fishing has a separate channel soon as the project starts, the fishermen will also get a boost. Congratulations Ume Ȼ u¿h.He also said that the rent was higher than the average price of Rs. When the plan is realized, edge erosion of 5 places on the Paramatma will also be stopped. This is a clear solution to the long-standing water problem in the region.

Gujarat New project will lonched official announcement
Gujarat New project will launched official announcement
He alsoo said that the name of Panidar Ujrat will be realized through this rental scheme.I am He also said that this big project will become the Gujarat model in the coming days. Vijaybhai Bhai Paniya Kadhu Kum Nam Dada Kanare Vasela Beach, Kaler SahajThis rental project will supply fresh water to the areas and prevent salinity from spreading. And it also helps in providing clean water to the industry. He also gave details of how the case was verified. He said that 41 lakh MCFT of water would be obtained from this project and between 2 to 5 Daha.

As the project progressed, the extension department moved ahead of time and completed the project. He was expected to do so.Areas including Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Bhai Patel Beach and KaliarDespite the shores, there has been a shortage of fresh water for years. I have the opportunity to launch the plan. Nitinbhai Patel said that more than 2 crore people in the state have benefited from Naam Jal. Receives. Not only this, but millions of hectares of land are also irrigated from moist land. He said that saline water of the sea is abundant in the water of Nama1da2da in this region. Due to overcrowding, salinity was increasing and fresh drinking water was not available. This is the only way to realize the rental plan with the help of Bhai Modi’s brother-in-law.