Happy News for Government Employees! Members of the Same Family Can Take Different Advantage of LTC

The Central Government has clarified the LTC Rules. Central employees had doubts about two things. Compensation will be paid for the first or one way trip or the trip in both directions. What else can claim a different member suitable for LTC of the same family, let us know what is the statement of the Central Government in this matter.

The Central Government clarified the LTC Rules

The Central Government has provided clarification for resolving the grievances of Government Employees regarding all the requirements under the procedure attached to the Central Service Services (LTC Rules) 1988.

It may be mentioned that the central employees were in a dilemma as to whether they would be paid for one-way travel or whether the expenses would be paid from both. (For to and Fro Journey), but it was not clear whether it would be appropriate for many people from the same family to sue (LTC) if they could take advantage of this scheme (Avail LTC Separately) separately.

This question arose after the change in the LTC rules

According to the rules stated in the 2017 Office Memorandum, if a government employee travels from LTC to the nearest airport, railway station or bus terminal on LTC, he will be paid the maximum amount of expenses incurred by public transport. It also has a maximum of 100 km. Travel to will be paid. Government employees, on the other hand, have to bear the brunt of the cost. Following the change in LTC rules during the Koro period by the Modi government at the Center, a large number of employees have checked whether the maximum 100 km limit is for both sides or one way.

A total fare of up to 200 km will be paid

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In a clarification issued by the Central Government on February 4, 2021, it has been clarified that Taxi Fare will be paid for a total of 200 km trip. It is worth mentioning that if we understand it in simple words, one can travel up to 100 km and travel 100 km. Return trip fares will be paid. Apart from this, on the question of LTC benefits for many people from the same family, the Center said that where people from the same family are using different private taxis or other vehicles, they can get various benefits of LTC in taxi fares.