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Download home learning time table September 2020 

:In the coming two to three months, almost all the schools are going to be busy for students preparing for the exam and other activities related to it. In such a situation, there will be many students who will be dilemma as to what to study, where to start or how much to study as soon as they take the exam.

Download te table He must be feeling lost in the midst of books of many subjects?home learning time table September 2020This only happens when you try to flag in the finals directly without studying regularly and then in the end you feel yourself failing.


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Actually, the best results in the examination cannot be achieved with just one day’s hard work. Rather for this, every  has to study regularly according to a proper time table. This does not mean that you keep studying all day or stay just as a bookworm, but you can get best results only by studying for two or three hours every day in a planned manner.

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Here through this article, we will tell you how to prepare your time table i.e. time table for everyday studies so that you can study effectively and get the desired results in the annual examination without any hassle or stress.
1. List all subjects according to their preference

While making an effective time table, your first task will be to prepare a list of all the subjects to be studied according to your preference. Priority should be given based on your interest in those subjects or their difficulty level. This will make it easy to guess which topic should be given less or which time more. Top the subjects in which you find yourself weak or the subjects who are in dire need of your study so that more time can be set for them in the time table. Apart from this, do not forget to study powerful subjects that you have good grip on.

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2. Know what you have to study in each subject

After preparing the list of subjects according to their priority, the next task will be to know about the important topics within those subjects. This means that before reading any topic, you should know so much that what are the important topics in it, which you can give enough time to. From the syllabus taught in class everyday in school, you will be able to know which topic is important in which subject, which you can repeat at home. You have to take so much time while doing your daily tasks, in which you can repeat the important topics taught daily so that those topics are confirmed in your mind.


By not reading any one subject for a long time, not only is boredom excessive, but your mind also starts to drift away from studies. Therefore, divide your time table into sections according to all important topics so that sufficient time can be given to all subjects. For example, if you have to read 3-4 subjects every day, then give each subject 30 to 40 minutes according to its importance.

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home learning time table September 2020


4. Try to sit for the same time every day reading

While making the time table, be sure to pay attentionj to the composition of the time table in such a way that after coming from school, keeping in mind the other tasks of daily routine, you can decide a specific time to study. The time table you have created should be something so that you can sit to study at almost the same time every day. It will happen that according to the daily routine, your mind will be ready beforehand to study and like other tasks of the day, studies will also be included in your habits.

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