How to Find Vehicle Owner Details

When you want to buy a vehicle, it is a good idea to decide who owns it. If there is any doubt as to whether the person selling the car actually owns it, you can take steps to verify the information.

How to Find Vehicle Owner Details

  1. Open website
  2. And then click the Know Your Vehicle Details link
  3. Enter number plate details
  4. enter captcha code
  5. and then click search vehicle button

You hurriedly brush up on a vehicle in front of someone on the road but fled the scene for fear of being barred from it.

You manage to register their registration number, even though you have no immediate recourse to find out other details of the vehicle or driver.

Eventually, you end up in your regional transport office, going through huge documentation and bureaucratic process, after which you succeed in finding the details you are looking for.

Feel familiar?

What if we told you how to find vehicle owner details by registration number? That’s right. You can find it with the vehicle.

The vehicle is a national vehicle registry that was re-launched in 2011 by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in collaboration with the National Informatics Center.

According to the official website of the vehicle, it has data of more than 250 million motor vehicles in terms of their registration certificates.

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