How to get Scheduled Caste Certificate?

How to get Scheduled Caste Certificate?

How to get Scheduled Caste Certificate 2022:In India, the Constitution is in force and the Constitution provides for the classes of backward castes which are given special benefits to bring them forward, to integrate them into the mainstream. Which is given benefit in gender special quota. Such as SC, ST, OBC, etc. People of all the castes belonging to each of these classes are required to obtain a certificate in order to take advantage of it. You only get the benefit if you submit the certificate otherwise you will not get the benefit. However, you will have to work hard to get this certificate and you will also have to deal with many problems in government offices with your father or guardian. You will get this certificate as well as its benefits when you have to submit many documents. Today we are going to talk about how you can get the SC Schedule / Certificate? Find out where the evidence is and what you need to do.

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How to get scheduled caste certificate 2022
How to get Scheduled Caste Certificate 2022

sc Proof of Scheduled Caste / Evidence required for Certificate

✓Proof of residency (anyone)
✓Ration card
✓A true copy of the light bill.
✓Original copy of telephone bill.
✓Copy of Election Identity Card
✓Original copy of passport
[First Page Of Bank PassBook / Canceled Check
✓Post Office Account Statement / Passbook
✓Driving License
✓Government Photo ID cards/service photo identity cards issued by PSU
✓Water bill (not older than 3 months)


How to get Scheduled Caste Certificate 2022


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Proof of identity (any one)

Copy of Election Identity Card
Original copy of Incometax PAN card.
Original copy of passport
Driving License
Government Photo ID cards/ service photo identity card issued by PSU
Any Government Document having citizen photo
Photo ID issued by Recognized Educational Institutionof How to get Scheduled Caste Certificate 2022.

Evidence of race (any one)

School leaving certificate
Certificate of the caste or a family member with Pedhinamu (Family Tree issued by Talati) or Ration Card

Proof of affiliation

School leaving certificate
The affidavit submitted with the application,
Original copy of father/uncle / someone’s school leaving certificate

Evidence required for service

✓The affidavit was submitted with the application.
✓Photo of the applicant
✓Birth certificate
✓Original copy of father/uncle/one’s caste certificate
✓Original copy of father/uncle/someone’s school leaving certificate
✓A true copy of caste pattern given by Gram ✓Panchayat Sarpanch / Talati cum Minister
✓Original copy of caste pattern given by the head/chief officer of the municipality

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Where to get the form and where to apply?

You can apply from Mamlatdar Shri’s Office / Taluka Development Officer’s Office / District Social Welfare Officer’s Office, or on the digital Gujarat website. How to get Scheduled Caste Certificate 2022 there we gave you full detail of this work.
Special Note: The applicant has to go face to face to provide the sample along with the photo.

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