How to TickleMyPhone use

TickleMyPhone is an application that lets you remotely control your Android smartphone using text messaging. With this app, you can perform all kinds of actions by sending text messages from other smartphones

How to Works

Once you have installed this application on your mobile, you can send SMS from any normal mobile with a specific set of keywords in the SMS body, the application will execute the related action. For example, send an SMS with the text “Call me” from any normal mobile to an Android phone installed in Tickle My Phone. He will call you back.

Do you ever want to have a remote control for your phone ?? Do you ever want to use your Android phone to take pictures from a remote location, record videos, listen to calls and conversations, send text messages (SMS), get details about your missed calls, get exact geolocation, get SD card file listing

If so, this application is right for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a young techno-freak, businessman, housewife, grand-mom or just a fun person who likes to joke with friends.

Download TickleMyPhone APK