How to Use Chetna App and How to Download Certificate

How to use chetna app

and how to download the certificate: Consciousness is no consciousness when there is no NTT conscious when it has consciousness, then what is the meaning of being consciousness, then being consciousness means that it should have three qualities: desire knowledge and effort if desire knowledge and phantom do not come in any entity.

Chetna app download

So it is conscious, is it not right, good knowledge, phantom, nadis, lingam means desire, knowing knowledge is the property of the phantom or soul and the soul is conscious, then consciousness is an inclusion of the qualities of conscious power.

How to use?

And the sense of the element of the environment around them is the power to understand and evaluate their things. According to science, consciousness is a forest when the brain is generated by the incoming impulses, the meaning of this survey, sooner or later. is applied

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