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Jan Samarth Portal

Jan Samarth Portal

Jan Samarth Portal 2022:A number of schemes are being implemented by the government. In which many schemes have been implemented for farmers, for women, for daughters, for students, for professionals, for industries. But to take advantage of each of these schemes, you have to visit different government offices, different websites. However, there are also many difficulties. People who are eligible to avail these schemes do not have this information and cannot perform complex digital tasks like searching online websites, filling up forms and uploading documents. So often the scheme is very effective but it does not produce the desired result and the government has to launch other schemes. But what if you get information about all the government schemes from one place and from one website? Have fun? Keep it simple!

Jan Samarth Portal Official website:So the government has moved in this direction and launched a portal called Jan Samarth which plans to cover all government schemes. At present a few schemes have been posted on this portal but it will be expanded further and information about almost all government schemes will be posted on this portal, the government has announced. So let us know this Jan Samarth Portal Scheme Detail.

More Latest Scheme For all

  1. Manav Kalyan Yojana 2022
  2. Atal Vimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojna
  3. Kisan Sarvoday Yojna
  4. Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Awas Yojana

Some general information of Jan samrath Portal

01 What is JanSamarth Portal ?

JanSamarth is a digital portal linking Thirteen Credit Linked Government schemes on a single platform. Beneficiaries can digitally check eligibility in few simple steps, apply online under eligible scheme and receive digital approval.

Jan Samarth Portal 2022

Jan Samarth Portal 2022 Download Now

02 What are the documents
requirement ?

Each scheme has different documentation requirement. To apply online on the Portal, the basic documents required would be
Aadhaar Number, Voter Id, PAN, Bank
Statements etc. The applicant also needs to provide some basic details on the portal.Jan Samarth Portal 2022 Download detwils also available hereon this field.

What is Jan Samarth Portal..?

03 How can I apply for the Scheme ?

Currently, there are four loan categories and under each loan category there are various
schemes listed. For your preferred loan category, you first need to check eligibility by providing answers to few simple questions and once you become eligible under any of the
schemes, you may select to proceed to apply online to receive digital approval.

04 What are the documents requirement?

A Each scheme has different documentation requirement. To apply online on the Portal, the basic documents required would be
Aadhaar Number, Voter Id, PAN, Bank
Statements etc. The applicant also needs to provide some basic details on the portal.

05 Can anyone apply for the loan ?

Yes, anyone can apply for loan. First, you need to check eligibility under your required loan category and if you are eligible, you may apply for loan though online application process.

06 How can I see my application ?
The applicant can check the status of loan application on the web portal. Sign-in with registration credentials, click on my applications tab on dashboard to check status.

Schemes available on Jan Samarth portal

01 Education Loan

Central Sector Interest Subsidy (CSIS)
Padho Pardesh (Padho Pardesh)
Dr. Ambedkar Central Sector Scheme (Dr. Ambedkar)

02 Agri Infrastructure Loan

Agri Clinics And Agri Business Centers Scheme (ACABC)
Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure (AMI)
Agriculture Infrastructure Fund (AIF)

03 Business Activity Loan

Prime Minister’s Employment Generation
Programme (PMEGP)
Star Weaver Mudra Scheme (SWMS)
Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojna (PMMY)
Pradhan Mantri Street Vendor Aatmanirb
har Nidhi Scheme (PM SVANidhi)
Self Employment Scheme for Rehabilitati on of Manual Scavengers (SRMS)
Stand Up India Scheme (StanUpIndia)

04 Livelihood Loan

Jan Samarth Portal 2022
Jan Samarth Portal 2022

Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National
ural Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NRLM)
Prime Minister’s Employment Generation
-Dreamome/gMEGR).Jan Samarth Portal 2022 is also useful for this all scheme of government.

The subjects/ disciplines in which courses may be undertaken for
the grant of interest subsidy are listed below:-


1. Arts/ Humanities/ Social Sciences
2. Commerce
3. Pure Sciences
4. Engineering
5. Bio- technology/ Generic Engineering
6. Industrial Environmental Engineering
7. Nano technology
8. Marine Engineering
9. Petro-chemical Engineering
10. Plastic Technology
11.Fast Fook
Cryogenic Engineering
13. Automation Robotics including artificial intelligence
11.Laser Technology
15.Low Temperature Thermal Dynamics
17.Art Restoration Technology
18.Dock and Harbour Engineering
19.Imaging System Technology
20. Composite Materials Engineering including Decentralized
Distribution (for Solar Heat) system, Energy Storage
Engineering, Energy conservation, Energy Efficient Habitat
21. Packaging Engineering/ Technology
22. Nuclear Engineering
23. Information Technology including Computer Engineering,
Software Quality assurance, Networking/
Connectivity Engineering, Communication system under
Hazardous or
or Post-disaster conditions, Multimedia
24. Industrial Safety Engineering
25. Agriculture & Agro Technology
27.Medical Mcdic
28.Floriculture & Landscaping
29.Food Sciences & Technology
30.Forestry & Natural Resources
32. Plant Pathology
33. Energy Studies
34. Farm Power & Machinery
35.Veterinary Sciences
36.Soils & Water Management
37.Plant Breeding & Genetics
38. Small-scale Rural Technology
39. Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences
42. Any other Subject

*Subject may be deleted or added by the Ministry from time to time as
situation demands.

For help

Grievance Redressal

We regret any inconvenience that you may have encountered on the portal. Please let us know your grievance and our team will connect with you and try
to resolve the same in 3 working days.
Either you can fill details in form or contact us at below email and mobile number

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For more information please visit official website at https://www.jansamarth.in/

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