join with us

join with us: Want to predict Yash, want to get involved in questioning, want to join in sex off, there are so many ways for that, just you know, there is a meeting and stand there, 50 people will call you because they need everyone to join If anyone wants to do that you want to go to my meeting, if you want to go to the meeting,

then you will have to do something which will be automatic in the jail in the meeting, if you join other people in the safe shop, then you need to join There are many ways for you to join Sorry, if your seniors can teach you, then if senior support does not keep you, then I am not a society company but you do not work; I do not want to do anything, I want to say that I want to do it, if maybe I do not have to do anything, sir,

you will do this, you will do the next letter, what will you eat, how will you drink, make a chart and tell them that right now Dua is used, it costs ₹ 1 Then when will you save so much money, how is the house going to spend now,

whatever it is, then later your family will come, they will have to keep in mind all those things when you answer that I will do it, then tell me brother So far, you have done so much work, how much percent work has been done in this, tell me if you have done this much, but something like this is going to happen, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years. You will not do anything is going to happen here,

the system is doing the system support, huge people are calling you, you can work through you and maybe because so many people will support, then Duffley will be your job, then you will work in this work. Become a partnership, join us with us. After spending a little money, we will do everything after that.

The responsibility of getting your money back, we will take the responsibility of your people to join you, and if you do not understand. It should be understood that you do not understand his video film. Tell your senior what happened and told that D Is this ok in English?