Gujarat Tar Fencing / Kantali Vad Yojana 2020-21 at

Hello Farmers. Gujarat governemnt has always taken care of farmers and this kantali tar ni vad scheme proves it.

Today we are going to discuss about recently released notification of tar fencing scheme of gujarat government. Gujarat government has the scheme named kantali vad yojana under which farmers can get benefits for tar fencing around their farm.

This Scheme is to protect the fields from wild animals like pigs and Nilgai. It was already under exectution but government has made new rules and made the yojana more beneficial.

Farmers (Kheduto) will now be paid 200rs per per running meter instead of 150rs.

The Work must be done in 90 days or less and if you are unable to finish it in 90 days you have to submit araji to the gujarat agro corporation limited in written with the reason and causes.

Total rs200 carore has been provided for the execution and as a budget of this scheme.

Kantali Vad Yojana 2021

Tar fencing scheme


Starting Date and last date for kantali tarni vad yojana 2020-21

The starting date for tar ni vad yojana or tarni vad yojana is 30th December 2020.

The last date to submit the online application for tar fencing scheme is 31st January 2021.

You have to apply online at i-khedut portal between this time period. The application must be done online.

Also once you missed the last date there’s no way you can do the araji so do not miss the date.


Pillar and wire (Tar and Thambhlo) measurements

  • Thambhla ubha karva matena khada nu map : 0.40*0.40*0.40 meter
  • Size of the pillar (Thambhla ni size) : 2.40*0.10*0.10 Meter
  • Minimum Distance between 2 pillars : 3 Meters


Execution of the Tar fencing Scheme

The tar fencing scheme has been implemented already. If you have applied for the scheme you can get benefits in 2 Phases.

Money payable under the scheme will be paid in two phases. In the first phase 50% money which is 100rs per meter will be paid after verification of erection of pillars by the farmers and in the second phase 50% assistance money will be paid after completion of the work which is another 100rs per meter.

A area of at least 5 (five) hectares will be allowed for all categories of farmers.

Rs. 200 per running meter or 50% of the actual cost, whichever is less will be paid by kantali vad yojana assistance.

The minimum distance between two pillars must be 3 meters or more.

In the making of base for pillars there should be 1 part cement, 5 part sand and 10 part black grit.

The diameter for the tar or wire being used for tar fencing must be 2.50 mm. The kantali vad must be ISI Marked, Galvanized, double wire and G.I Coted.


How to apply for Kantali vad at ?

As a execution of the scheme, Gujarat government has decided to arrange online application process at ikhedut portal. The web address or url of ikhedut portal is

You can find this scheme under gujarat agro industries corporation limited. So here i am going to teach you how to apply online for kantali vad yojana in no time.

  • First of all open
  • Now click on yojanao button from the menu bar.
  • ikhedut yojana
  • Now on the next screen you have to click on “gujarat agro industries corporation limited” button.
  • gujarat agro industry corporation limited
  • Now in the next screen scroll down below and find kantali vad yojana or tar fencing yojana section and click on “Araji Karo” button.
  • After that you just have to go on “Navi araji karva click karo” button and fill up the form.
  • After filling up the form you can go to “Araji Save karo” option to submit your kantali vad application.

The Scheme should be executed in whole state and no district or taluko or village could be leaved.

There are some other information that you should read which i have provided here in the image format in gujarati language. Please read all the information and after that if you still have any queries you can ask us through the comment section.


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