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Kinjal dave Biography: Kinjal dave is a very popular singer of gujarat state. She Sings Garba songs and other Traditional gujarati songs. She is Very Popular And Good looking singer. So that She has Very Huge Fan following.

The fan of kinjal dave wanted to Know more and more about her and so that we are publishing this article to let people know about kinjal dave’s biography, History and struggles. People believing that Kinjal is popular only because of her good looks but that’s absolutely incorrect. Her voice is very catchy and Damn good. If anyone heard her song once then they will becomes her fan.

Kinjal Dave is a gujarati Ras-garba Queen And Popular Folk Singer.

Kinjal Dave HD Photos And Images Download

Here we are going to show you a huge collection of kinjal dave’s hd photos and image. Probably you have seen this pictures or probably this picture will be new for you. So if you are fan of kinjal dave and wanted to make her popular then please share her pictures in facebook and whatsapp.

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Kinjal Dave Family Picture

Kinjal dave lives in ahemdabad with her family. she has father mother and little brother as family and live a happy life.

Kinjal Dave’s Father

Kinjal dave’s father is very supportive to her. He is very aggressive regarding Her Singing career. You Can see his image below. The person in black shirt is kinjal’s father.

This images of kinjal dave is collected from her facebook profile and from some other sources of web. if you want to download this images then you can do it by right clicking on image. just right click on image and then click on save image or download image button.

Kinjal Dave Biography, Wiki pedia, Age And Facebook Profile

Kinjal Dave is from Ahemdabad, Gujarat. She was born in Banaskatha, Uttar Gujarat in traditional brahmin family. Her Birth Year is 1999. so as on 2017 kinjal dave’s age is 18 years.

  • Kinjal Dave Age – 18 years old (as on 2017)

She Gave her 12th commerce examination in gujarat board GSEB in 2017 and cleared 12th commerce with 64 PR. Her marksheet or scorecard of HSC Examination got viral on facebook

Here is the Kinjal dave s 12th Commerce marksheet or result which is collected from her facebook profile.

She is Pure gujarati and loves the things which all gujaratis loves. Her favorite dish is Kadhi, Khichadi And Bhakhari.

Her father’s Name Is Lalji bhai Dave. Lalji bhai was working in a diamond company in ahemdabad before her daughter became a popular Garba singer.

Lalji Bhai Dave (Kinjal’s Father was Also wrote Songs while he is working in diamonds). And from there the journey of kinjal dave was started. She was getting interest at that time in singing.

Kinjal Dave’s First Most popular song was “JONADIYO“. Jonadiyo is the traditional gujarati marriage song and was very popular on 2014-15.

Kinjal Dave’s Uncle Manu rabari Gave huge support to kinjal dave in her struggle.

Salman Khan And Dipika Padukon is her favorite bollywood actors. Kinjal dave’s want to become actor in Gujarati film and wanted to do a main role or leading role in gujarati movies.

Her favorite place is DIU (Gujarat).

Kinjal dave is very active in facebook. she has verified Page in facebook. Here is the link of Her facebook page and profile. you can like her Facebook fan page or you can send a friend request if you know her personally. Biography

  • Kinjal Dave Facebook Page – LINK

Kinjal Dave Hit Songs List 

  • Father Name-Lalit Dave
    *At-jesangpura,Ta-sarasvati,Di-   patan-384265
    *Favorite-Dipika Padukon,Salman Khan

    Kinjal Dave Life Info & Many More Info
    ☆=>Gujrati Singer Kinjal Dave Jyare 7 Varsh Ni Hati Tyarthi Tene Tena Pita Ane Ankal Manu Bhai Ne Gito Lakhta Joene Sangit ma Intress Jagyo Hato

    ☆=>Tyar Bad Sangit Ma Ras Dharavati Kinjal Ne Joene Tena Pita Ane Tena Ankal Tene Sangit Ma Sapport Karva Lagya

    ☆=>Amuka Samayantar Bad Sarasvati Studio Drara Kinjal No Interwiew Levama Avyo Tyare Tenu Album “Jonadiyo” reales Thayu

    ☆=>Sarasvati Studio Prastut Jonadiyu Album Kinjal Ni Life Khub J sudharo Lavi Didho A jonadiyo Album Yuva ona Dil Ma Vasi Gayo Ane Tenu Aa album Samagr Gujratma Dhoom Machavi Didhi Hato

    ☆=>Halma Kinjal Dave 100 Thi Vadhu Albumo Kari Chuki Che Ane Haju Vadhu Superhite Album Gujratna Lokone Apse Avi Apexa Che

    ☆=>Halma Kinjal Dave Amdavad Khate Std,12.ma Comers Ma Abhyas Kare Che

    ☆=>Kinjal Dave Abhyas Ni Sathe Varshik 200 Thi Vadhu Stage Show Pan Kare Che

    ☆=>Kinjal Dave Halma Amdavad Khate Rahe Che Tenu Mul Vatan Patan Jilla Nu Jesangpura Gam Che

    ☆=>Halna Darek Stage Program Ni Badhij Javabdari Tena Pita Lalit Dave Ane Manubhai Rabari Sambhale Che

    ☆=>Kinjal Dave hal Gujratma Avi Khyatnamna Pami che Darek Loko Tene Olkhe Che Ane Chahe Che…Temaj Yuva Lokoma Khubj Lokpriy Thae Che,,

The list is prepared by our team. if you want to suggest some good songs of kinjal dave then you can comment down via comment section.


Most popular and famous video songs of kinjal dave – Download IN HD

Here is some video songs of kinjal dave from youtube. you can download her songs via youtube offline save option. She has lots of subscribers in youtube, facebook and instagram. This is the HIT song of Kinjal dave and we embed it from the very famous video downloading platform youtube. Biography

Char bangadi vali gadi Video Song

it’s a very popular video song or album of kijal dave which was released in late 2016. you can listen it directly via youtube. the link of video song is given below. Biography

Kinjal Dave Live Performance / Stage Performance and Dance with singing Video

Here is the another video of her stage performance. She sings songs in navratri festival. You can watch Kinjal Dave’s Live Stage Performance in below given video.

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