Kirtida Gadhvi and jigesh kaviraj new song “Ranchhod Rangila”

Kirtida Gadhvi and jigesh kaviraj new song “Ranchhod Rangila”

Kirtida Gadhvi and jigesh kaviraj new song “Ranchhod Rangila” Kirtida Gadhvi and Jignesh kaviraj news song “Ranchhod Rangila”: Janmashtami is a festival celebrated at the time of the birth of Lord Krishna. This festival is celebrated 8 days after Poonam. Lord Krishna was the eighth child of his parents Devaki and Vasudeva. It is said that Devaki’s brother Kansa would kill the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva (Shri Krishna) and because of this Vasudeva successfully took Krishna to Gokul and handed him over to Nand and Yashoda.


Gujarat’s famous folk singer Kirtidan Gadhvi is embroiled in controversy. It is being reported that notes were rained down on Gadhvi is ​​a cultural program organized at Swami Narayan Complex of Vapi, Valsad, Ahmedabad. Gadhvi was showered with notes while he was giving a presentation of Lok Geet Lok Dairo.


This event was organized to mark the completion of 35 years of Swaminarayan Complex. People were stunned when the notes rained down on the folk singer were calculated. However, it has not been stated yet how much these amounts were. All that has been said is that only Rs. 100 and Rs. 500 notes were blown up at Gadhvi. Janmashtmi alphabets are also available on our website. The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated with love and devotion. According to the Hindu dictionary, Janmashtami is celebrated on the eighth day of Shravan month. People on this holy feast.


They also fast and wake up till Krishna’s birth i.e. midnight and various programs are held. In celebration of this festival, plays like Rasalila are performed which are based on the life of Shri Krishna and his beloved Radhaji as well as Gopio. The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated in different ways. Usually Janmashtami Dahi Handi Fodi is celebrated in which youngsters fill a pot with milk and butter, hang it high and break it. Lord Krishna (butter thief) is always remembered as a friend and protector of cows. Between the Mahabharata, he teaches us the lesson of life in the form of the Bhagwat Gita. Showed them how to live life with selfless service.


Kirtida gadhvi and jigesh kaviraj new song "ranchhod rangila"
Kirtida Gadhvi and jigesh kaviraj new song “Ranchhod Rangila”

It is a matter of pride that the land of Gujarat is blessed that it is the karma land of Lord Krishna. Every place in your life is the presence of Lord Krishna. Due to Krishna’s attachment to cows, we worship cows as mothers. The popularity of Janmashtami in Maharashtra in the name of GokulashtmiKnown. And they also celebrate Dai Handi Fodi this feast. In this people build a pyramid by climbing one on top of the other and the man at the top breaks the yogurt pot with his own hands. This celebration shows Lord Krishna’s love for butter.This song also in youtube for watch above link.

On this occasion, Bal Gopal is worshiped and his favorite dishes are made. Then on the midnight of Janmashtami, in the joy of Krishna’s coming to earth, those dishes are offered to Krishna and it is believed that these are his favorite dishes. Krishna is considered to be the most loving and important deity in Hinduism due to his naughty and loving nature. Krishna’s love is universal and it showed him standing next to the holy cow and playing the flute.

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