Koo: News in Indian Languages

Koo: News in Indian Languages, Koo is a News and Opinion sharing micro-blogging platform. Discussions are around Indian News. It empowers people to express their thoughts in Indian languages with a strong knit local Indian community.
The latest and breaking news is available on Koo. The best minds of India are invited to discuss Trending News & topics and their opinions on this news. You can also discuss breaking news as and when it happens. Chingari app download.
Koo on News in India:
It’s very easy to Koo regarding News in India. You could Koo in Text / Audio / Video or a combination of these modes.
Koo: News in Indian Languages
Koo: News in Indian Languages
People share their opinions on news and trending news topics from across India. You can create a new Koo or reply to existing news / Koo. These Indian news discussions are like debates TV news channels. You can have similar discussions on Indian news live on the app with other Indians. This is an experience beyond reading the Kannada newspaper.
What you can do on Koo India:
– Share your opinion on India News
– View trending Indian News posted by Indian newspapers & channels
– Discuss your opinion on any India news
– Discuss your opinion on anything in Indian languages
– Follow Indian News Reporters, Journalists, politicians, cricketers, actors, activists and other interesting people
– View your feed in Indian languages by seeing what people you follow, said
– Indian news and trending news in Indian languages from across the country and top cities
– News from top Indian newspapers
– Breaking Indian news from YouTube and Indian news channels are updated on the app in the explore section.
Koo is a new app built for Indians to share their views in their mother tongue and have meaningful discussions. It’s proud to be Made in India as per PM Narendra Modi’s vision of being Vocal for Local. We hope you’ll enjoy using this app as much as we enjoyed developing it. Look forward to your participation in creating a platform with sharp and intelligent thoughts.