Kuposhan mukta Gujarat Abhiyan

Kuposhan mukta Gujarat Abhiyan

Bread, clothing and building are basic human needs. If you don’t give a smartphone to a human being, he will live, even if you don’t give him expensive clothes or a car, he will live, maybe even stay in a cave instead of a house and assume that he learns to live even without clothes . Because food is essential for the survival of the human body. Without which he cannot live very long. In this case, if you do not get food according to your age and work, then in such a case, the body gets worn out, a new disease applies which you cannot live a normal life. If we apply the same issue to children, the result will be very frightening. Because if a child cannot get food then it will be weak and in the time to come these weak children will weaken the whole country. That is why every year the health of the child is checked in the schools for the health care of the children. For this, many schemes like Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana, Atal Sneh Yojana have been implemented. Today we are going to talk about Malnutrition Free Gujarat Campaign!

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Kuposhan mukta gujarat abhiyan
Kuposhan mukta Gujarat Abhiyan

What is Kuposhan mukta Gujarat Abhiyan ?

The Gujarat government has made a plan to fight malnutrition so that no child in the entire state goes hungry or malnourished. Which has been implemented across the state in the form of a single campaign.
Under this campaign this scheme is run to make the children of Gujarat healthy and strong.

Who benefits from

Kuposhan mukta Gujarat Abhiyan


This plan is not for everyone. This plan is designed solely for the well-being of the child and the maintenance of their health. If we talk about who gets the benefit of this scheme ..

 All children from newborn to 5 years old.
• All severely malnourished children (SAM) are treated under this scheme.
 This operation is done through interdisciplinary coordination.
 Severely malnourished children who are not sick will be treated at Anganwadi under community level (CMAM) program and critically ill malnourished children will be treated at a child care center at a health institution.
(CMTC) and Child Rehabilitation Center (NRC) for medical treatment and nutrition rehabilitation.

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Where do you get the benefit of

Kuposhan mukta Gujarat Abhiyan


To avail the benefits of this scheme visit Anganwadi Center at village level, Primary Health Center / Public Health at Taluka level
Visiting the center and visiting the District Hospital Medical College Hospital at the district level. You will find information about this scheme everywhere. While in urban areas also this
The benefit of the scheme will be available.

The method of availing the benefits of

Kuposhan mukta Gujarat Abhiyan

✓ Anganwadi worker and Asha will register all the children of the village and make a list then female health worker will screen these children.
✓ In which children without medical treatment need to be treated at the community level through therapeutic complementary food at Anganwadi.
✓ While the children in need of general and instrumental medical treatment are working at the Primary Health Center / Public Health Center at the Child Service Center (CMT) and at the District Hospital, Medical College Hospital respectively.
The child is sent to the Sanjeevani Kendra (NRC) for treatment.
✓ In addition, malnourished children are screened on Mamata Day and during OPD in the hospital and are referred to Child Care Center (CMTC) / Bal Sanjeevani Kendra (NRC).

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Thus, under the Malnutrition Free Gujarat Campaign, an effective plan has been formulated by the government to ensure that children do not remain malnourished .


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