Manniy Rao Saheb Shree Audio Message

Manniy Rao Saheb Shree: There was a time when there was so much intimacy between the people living in the same village, city, or street that they would bring people outside each other to their destination or tell their address.

Because they were sociable, they had an affinity, they used to participate in each other’s happiness and sorrow. But today the scenario has completely changed. People living in the same building do not know who lives in a nearby flat? So there is no question of getting acquainted with the people living in the street. They live close by, but like strangers. Is this the neighborhood?

Today, in busy and bhagam-bhag urban and urban life, one does not even recognize the person living near him. After all, why this distance even after staying close?

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(A) Without whom humans cannot imagine life and why? 2

Answer – Nearby, without him, without it the life of man will be deserted.

(B) How has the scenario of the neighborhood changed nowadays? 2

Answer – People do not know who lives in the adjacent house.

(C) What has been the effect of busyness and urban life? 2

Answer – The person does not even recognize the person living near him.

(D) Why are people living in the neighborhood strangers? 2

Answer – It is not known even while living nearby.

(4) Give suffixes in ‘intimacy’ and ‘familiarity’. 1

Answer – ‘Ta’ and ‘Pan’ are suffixes.

(F) State the title of the above passage. 1

Answer – Nearby neighborhood or other appropriate title

Question 2: Answer the questions asked by reading the following verse.

On the platform of the chaupal

There was a tree before

Was a hookah

Tens of people were

Gappa used to laugh

Used to laugh at “ho – ho”

The tree was alive.

Dove too

With their yes yes

Group used to

Tens had one face.

Tree cut

Pigeons flew

Ten hooked up

The voices shrank like a chillum.

Now a face

Not visible

Tree died

Everything shattered

Where did the pigeon go

Who knows ?

(A) In this poem, whom has the poet written about? 1

Answer – About the tree.

(B) Explain the sense of ‘The face of the tens was one’. 1

Answer: All of them lived together.

(C) ‘Ten Hookah Ho Gaya’ means that. 1

Manniy Rao Saheb Shree